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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Peter Fray
Played by  Duncan  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ Valerie Mullaney
Play-by ➢ Greyston Holt
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25 History Teacher Dirty Blonde Grey


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Peter is around 6 foot 2 inches and has broad shoulders with a similiarly broad chest and abdomen. He is well toned- particulary on his arms and chest- due to the fact he enjoys working out to kill stress that comes with being a teacher sometimes.


Even before he was born, Peter had already proved he was going to be a handful. After a long, tenious labour, Peter still had not been born and he was showing signs of being in stress. And so it was decided that his mother had to be rushed into the operating theatre to have an emergency c-section in order to assure that Peter was born safely. The procedure went much more smoothely than the labour had and at 5:55am on October 5th, Peter Lawrence Fray was born.

From what he was told, Peter was a tempermental baby. Even in those first few weeks of life, he seemed to never settle, always crying, no matter who was trying to calm him or how they were doing it. The exception being, unsurprisingly, his mother. Peter's mother would always claim he was simply clingy- despite this short tempered personality trait continuing with him until adult hood- and she did not mind if she was woken in the middle of the night by Peter's bleary eyed father who couldn't get Peter to settle.

His mother doted on him always, often accused of spoiling the small child but she did not let the disaporving looks of other mothers get in her way. She was undoubtedly in love with her first little boy and this strong relationship would remain between them up until her untimely death.

Slowly, however, as Peter grew from baby to toddler, his relationship with others thankfully changed. He grew close with both his grandparents, who were more present during those crucial early years of childhood than his father, and it was his Grandfather who showed him how to throw a ball at age 4 and his Grandmother who taught him how to make the best chocolate chip cookies while his mother introduced him to the piano. Outside the family, he became less weary of strangers his age at the park but still kept as close to his mother as he could.

Then at age 5, Peter became an older brother. After another difficult labour, his siter Jane was born naturally while he was attending some of his first days of school. While he was slightly nervous of becoming a sibling, some of his friends had younger siblings and they all told him that it was super great except for one kid who told him that babies don't stop crying and eat everything. Needless to say, his nerves stemmed from this one kids comments but were washed away when he met his sister.

It is debatable that his relationship with his sister was closer than that of his mothers but between ages 5 and 10, this was definately not the case. However, Peter was extremely protective of his sister, caring for her greatly and since their father was absent a lot of the time, working long days as an insurance salesman or simply spending time in his office, he seemingly tried to fill his fathers shoes. He taught her, when she was old enough, all the things his Grandfather had taught him.

By age 9, he had really grown into a bit of a social butterfly among his peers, though he still prefered the solidarity of a good book (Draft approved, of course) and a den in his bedroom. He much prefered to conversate at school with his peers, but outside the classroom he liked to be by himself, spending summers indoors reading rather than clambering through trees with the other boys in the neighbourhood.

It was at age 10, when a terrible accident occurred. The official reports say that Olivia Fray- age 28 years- had been climbing on top of the washer to grab something from the shelf above when she fell and broke her neck. Peter would not learn this until he was age 16, but when his Grandmother pulled him out of school 2 hours before the final bell, he was told there had been an accident and that his mother was dead.

Peter was devestated. Initially, he was in denial. There were a few minutes where Peter was certain that this was simply a cruel joke, and that his Grandmother was lying. This was short lived when he was taken to his Grandparents home instead of his house where his sister was; the final straw of his denial was when he overheard his father talking on the phone about the funeral.

For the longest time, Peter felt as if he was engulfed in a strange mix of anger and self-blame. His father became more distant than ever and began spending even more time at the office. Peter isolated himself, distancing himself from his family and friends as the anger grew. He tried to burry himself in books and school work but when people tried to console him, he often lashed out and he began to get in trouble at school and his Grandparents grew worried but his father remained distant.

Then, little over a year after his mothers death, Peter's father was found dead at the side of the road a little way out of town. There were some police documents that suggested that the death was suspcious, while some official documents point out a suicide but the investigation closed when no concrete evidence was found. After this, Peter's Grandparents gained custody of Peter and Jane.

This only made things worse for Peter and after getting into a fight at school when he was 12, his Grandparents decided to enroll him in some counciling to aid his quick temper and attitude problems that had been seemingly caused by his mothers death. Peter reluctantly attended at first but as his counciling continued and his anger improved, he became less reluctant to attend sessions. During this time, his attitude improved and was- with the help of his councilor- able to come to terms with his mothers death and his attendence and GPA at school improved greatly.

By 15, Peter only attended councilling occasionally and by 16 he no longer attended at all. He began focusing his time and effort on his school work and his love of reading, particularly finding that he enjoyed the History of the Draft so it was no surprise when he came to take his aptitude test that he was best suited to teaching history. Peter was overjoyed- for the first time in a long time- that he would be going to College to study History and then take another year for his teaching degree.

Of course, at age 18 came his sponsorship. Peter was undoubtedly nervous about it- he hadn't really had many friends growing up and the one he did was a year older than him and talked frequently about all the sponsors he had slept with in his first year. Peter had been present in the classes that had taught him about what to expect, but that did not make him any less worried.

Peter will be forever grateful for his sponsor. She was a kind woman who clearly knew what she was doing, she was fairly understanding of Peter and took her time in figuring out what he liked and what he didn't. Peter's nerves were unsurprisingly gone by the end of his first session with his sponsor and he continued to see her as frequently as possible. Even after his 19th birthday, he still continued to see her at least once a week.

His time at college flew by and soon enough he had graduated with his Masters. All his time and effort and struggle had paid off. Shortly after graduation, Peter found himself a position teaching History at St. Benedicts. His life was slowly getting on track. Then, little after his 25th birthday, Peter received the information for his first draft and he realized that everything was about to change again.


Olivia Fray - Mother - 28 (Deceased)
Jackson Fray - Father - 30 (Deceased)
Lawrence Fray - Grandfather -70 (Deceased)
Anne-Marie Fray - Grandmother - 65
Jane Olivia Fray - Sister - 20
Birthdate: October 5th
Bad Habits: Spends hours, sometimes days reading a book without putting it down or acknowlaging people & sleeps with his socks on.
Turn-Ons: Dominating woman, Battling for domination, Biting, teasing, Hair pulling
Turn-Offs: Being led on, Submissive Women, Vanilla sex, Drawing of blood during play
hair color preference: Brunette
eye color preference: Brown Eyes
draft position: Neutral
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

Scat- anything else to be disccussed beforehand.

Player Notes

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