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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Archibald Dahlinger
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32 SOAR Officer - Former Navy SEAL Brown Blue


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Dahl goes by many nicknames. Archie to his mother and sister. DIV to his family or Ace to his father. Arch, Archer or Dahl to his friends. And similarly just Captain End Dahl, Be Dahl by his fellow soldiers, when they weren't too busy calling him Dahlface. He was a pretty good looking guy.

His career in the military requires that he be at peak physical fitness. He is expected to be versatile in his physical ability in order adapt quickly to transient environments. He's a triathlete for fun, and normally trains in the gym, or around his neighborhood swimming, running or biking. He's a big guy, 6'5" and solidly ripped. He's cordial enough, but not exactly warm - his jaw always seems locked and his expressions clipped. However, he's very good at conveying his emotions without saying much. He has an elite body, for a career with elite physical demands, but it is not without its scars. Archer generally doesn't like being shirtless in public because he doesn't like the questions or the stares.

Dahl can usually be seen not being seen. Generally he spots sunglasses, and nondescript cropped haircut. The only thing that makes him stand out is his size, impeccable posture and rippling physique. Normally he tries to dress to hide his physique, button down shirts and ties in public.


Archer was bred for this. This was his country now, and his family was here to ensure the Trust's resilence against all enemies domestic and abroad. His grandfather worked as a famous espionage agent for The Trust during the Second Civil War where the true leaders of America were victorious. His father is a Naval Admiral who hyperloops to Denver for at least 3 days a week to keep the Capital briefed on classified operations. His family is dignified and illustrious. Truthfully, Dahl is not particularly thrilled being stationed in Tidewater to keep an eye on things after the Ashpoint Incident.

He trained his entire life to carry on the Dahlinger legacy. When he was young his father and grandfather would train him in athletics and martial arts so he would get a jump on school. His mother had never fully approved, but she understood. His father and Pop would go over the tactics and learnings of great military leaders, they would stay up for hours playing chess. Archie learned to breathe excellence and have it for a balance breakfast, lunch and dinner. He wore the honor of his family with full dress, and they were always hovering around him to ensure that he was living up to his potential. The Dahlinger's emphasized respect, and loyalty to the Trust.

After graduating as an Officer from New Annapolis, Dahl was stationed at various classified locations in the Naval branch and kept busy with top secret assignments from the Trust. He climbed the military ladder by earning the respect and admiration of his fellow soldiers. Since he had no family, he spent most of his time at sea. During one of these assignments, his evac vehicle went down over water. The mission had been an ambush, false intelligence had gotten them somewhere that Dahling wasn't sure they were ever supposed to be. The enemy had been completely prepared, and the decision not to bring back up drone cover ended in the loss of many lives due to lack of infrared coverage.

He watched his friends ripped from the cabin into the blackness of night illuminated only by the peppered explosions that shredded their stealth transport like a can opener. There wasn't much to remember after that. It was not a heroic tale, though Dahl was lauded for his bravery among the Naval elite. He has survived for 3 days in an aerial camoflage equipped life raft with the body of his friend and comrade Ron Elton. Dahl had 11 broken bones, and could barely move his body, but Elton had suffered internal bleeding and severe lacerations that eventually caused him to succumb to his wounds before being rescued.

He was in the hospital for a month afterward, and had two weeks of rehab to heal his wounds. It was a miracle he had been alive. It became harder to perform covert operations with the distraction of seeing his dead friends every night kept him from sleep. Eventually his father stepped in. In any normal circumstance, Archie would have been demoted to eternal desk duty. But due to the Ashpoint Incident, more persons with his experience and expertise were needed within SOAR in Region I. The Capital was unhappy with the return of unrest in an area known for its rebel ties. At the age of 30, Dahl was an undrafted military man, more accustomed to being at a base, in the air or at sea than in the neighborhoods of Trust housing he'd barely seen since he was a boy. He didn't have to return home every 3 days because he had no family. The trust had decided long ago that this was easier for higher ranking servicemen in the Navy. It was easier to keep secrets without a woman's nagging around. No children would mean no collateral, and no fear of not returning home. Archer was aware it wouldn't last forever, it had taken him 6 years to ascend through the ranks and prove himself worthy of being a SEAL, and being a SEAL was generally only guaranteed for 10 years max. So he knew all along a gilded demotion was in his future. However, he had been hoping his retirement as an active SEAL wouldn't have happened so soon, and his position in SOAR wasn't floated to him like some kind of replacement. The truth was: SOAR was a cakewalk compared to the shrapnel he'd seen. Domestic terrorists, porn peddlers, draft dodgers - they were nothing compared to what was behind the veil. But Artie didn't dwell on that, because he didn't know anything about it anyway. Most of what he did was classified. When people asked what he had done in the Navy, he had replied he had ferried various trade vessels in and out of American waters. Boring stuff. As boring as he was.

He has only just been relocated to Tidewater, so he fits right in with the other new faces from Ashpoint. His mission is to lead an elite SOAR team, make them better and ready so that the next Ashpoint Incident is stopped before it happens. However, it has to be said that Archer hasn't been in a suburban family environment for a long time. He knows almost of nothing aside from his sponsors, mother and sister. He knows nothing of children and family besides his own, which always spoon-fed him full of Trust doctrine. He is supposed to lead a team in a landscape he knows nothing about. As much as he has done well to convince himself, that SOAR is a cakewalk compared to his other missions, he's not used to working with the ideal. He's used to environments that are much more unstable, and therefore much more straightforward with danger. He expects that because he is no longer a SEAL, that soon he'll be saddled with a wife. He expects she will be his perfect match, at the same time it has been a long while since he truly had to share his life with other people. In his short time in Tidewater, he's tried to get out and do what the men around town are usually seen doing. After moving to a new place, he's had to play a few good hands of poker to secure some sponsor contacts and explain away a few scars. He rarely swims in public because he doesn't like the questions. Mostly besides the few comings and goings for appearances sake, Archer has generally kept to himself in Tidewater and has been content to observe the town as an anonymous face from afar. He likes to fish.


Emmett Ashford Dahlinger - 26 - Brother
Chloe Rhea Dahlinger - 22 - Sister

Archibald Benjamin Dahlinger III - 58 - Father
Magaret Cherise Dahlinger - 47 - Mother
Archibald Benjamin Dahlinger II - Grandfather - "Pop"
Olivia Ives Dahlinger - Grandmother

Clyde Oscar Dahlinger - 54 - Uncle
Ashleigh Katherine Dahlinger - 48 - Aunt
Ephram Kalen Dahlinger - 27 - Cousin
Heather Rian Dahlinger - 25 - Cousin
Theo Hunter Dahlinger - 20 - Cousin

Ronald Hector Dahlinger - 52 - Uncle
Abigail Rosas Dahlinger - 48 - Aunt
Ophelia Eliza Dahlinger - 24 - Cousin
Marcelina Ines Dahlinger - 24 - Cousin
Raleigh Oswald Dahlinger - 21 - Cousin
Birthdate: March 22nd, 2159
Bad Habits: Dahl can be somewhat mechanical with his interactions from the world apart from his position at SOAR. The Trust makes it very easy for him to focus wholly and completely on work. Until recently his position with the NAVY had him spending most of his time away from home. He attended New Annapolis after high school, and had the honor of being enlisted in the Naval branch like his father. He's primarily a military man through and through, and anything that is not part of his National duty is surplus. Sometimes he can seem lost in thought, or somewhere else - the uniform is always a part of him even when he is not wearing it. His family is always on about how he never listens to anything, and always buys Christmas presents on Christmas Eve like any bachelor would. He deeply cares about the people who are close to him, but his primary function has always been to be in peak position for the Naval Forces and SOAR. He also has a tendency to overlook women in regards to anything significant. He completely sees them as inferior and incapable of matching a man's intellect or work ethic. This blinds him.
Turn-Ons: He fantasizes about sexual acts in public, especially in colors. He likes a girl that isn't shy about giving him what he wants, and girls that scream, shake and mumble incoherently when they orgasm. He likes a woman that knows her way around the kitchen and bakes. He likes a woman with curves, and doesn't mind the shapely ones if they're athletic.
Turn-Offs: Women that are needy. Women that don't know their place. A woman that isn't athletic enough to keep up with him.
hair color preference: Blond, brunette or redhead. He's not picky, but he wants a girl with a natural color.
eye color preference: Vibrant, luminous, no color preference except yellow, gray or black
draft position: For
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

suicide, anal sex, fecal matter - i mean, hard limits right?

Player Notes

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