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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Emerson Trudeau
Played by  Josie  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ Edison Strange
Play-by ➢ Jameela Jamil
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29 Speaker for the Dead Black Brown


Imaginative, Quixotic, Eccentric: Emerson has always lived with her head in the clouds. Blessed (or cursed, depending on who you ask) with an overactive imagination, she has difficulty staying rooted in reality. While she can be practical if pressed, Emerson would rather go through life in an idealistic haze. Emerson's also got a great deal of interests that fall outside the realm of what's considered 'normal' by most people. Some of them are due to her family and the sorts of people she grew up around, but some are interests she's cultivated herself. Most notable of those is her belief in spiritualism. If you want to hold a seance or determine if your house is haunted by a malevolent spirit, she's the woman to talk to.

Caring, Gentle, Affectionate: Taking care of people is second nature to Emerson. Even though she's the baby of her family, she was never really spoiled like one, and spent the weekends growing up helping her mother keep the house in order and care for 'their boys'. Instead of becoming resentful of the disparity between what was expected of her versus her brothers, Emerson embraced those "lessons". She regularly puts the needs of others before her own to the point where she could be quite easily taken advantage of, if someone had the mind to do that. Emerson doesn't expect much in exchange for her actions, all she asks is that the people around her at least tolerate her desire to coddle them.

Conflicted: Her husband's execution planted seeds of doubt where an unshakable faith in the Trust once was. The fact that he was gay made him an unforgivable deviant in the eyes of the law, but she saw a different side of him. He was just a man who wanted to be happy like anyone else and Emerson has come to believe that his sexuality shouldn't have cost him his life. At the same time, though, her belief in the other values the Trust represents is deeply ingrained and hard to shake. The split in her beliefs has been difficult to reconcile thus far and she spends more time fretting over it than she thinks she should.


Standing at 5'11" in her bare feet, Emerson is much taller than the average woman. When she was younger, her height made her awkward and insecure, but now that she's grown into it, she's able to move with an enviable amount of grace. She's shapely, toned, and very proud of her figure.

Emerson's style is most accurately described as experimental. She's not afraid to try anything (so long as it's allowed within the dress code the Trust enforces), even if it doesn't seem like it'll 'work' for her. What she wears can vary wildly from day to day. The only part of her appearance that doesn't change is her hair -- she's had the same haircut since she was six years old and is too attached to part with it at this point.


Though Emerson was her parents' last child, she was never really seen as the 'baby' of the family. She was a girl, and the fact of her birth meant there were certain expectations she had to meet. Even before she was old enough to go to school, her mother was intent on teaching her what it really meant to be a woman. Her family, though unusual in many other ways, would not break the most important molds the Trust expected them to fit into.

While her father fully believed the government was running secret, unethical experiments right under everyone's noses, he also believed those experiments were for their own good.

'The Trust,' he explained. 'Keeps many things from us, but it's all for our own protection. Most people don't think about it, don't want to know what the cost of their comfortable lives is, but I do. And you should, too.'

By the time she had to enroll at boarding school, her head was stuffed full with ideas, the traditional and the strange mixing to give her a unique perspective on things. No one else ever fully appreciated what she had to say in that regard, but she wasn't made to be a total outcast. She was weird, yes, but also nice and accommodating. The only person who absolutely couldn't stand Emerson was her roommate. Their personalities weren't compatible to begin with and, over the years, the other girl got sick of hearing her regurgitate all the fringe theories she picked up at home. She'd wanted a normal roommate she could be best friends with and, well, Emerson was anything but that. They avoided each other - or, more accurately, Emerson's roommate avoided *her*. Despite the mutual animosity, she could never bring herself to be openly rude. She'd been taught better than that.

Other than the tension with her roommate, Emerson had few other complaints where school was concerned. She enjoyed her classes and did reasonably well in them. She was a natural when it came to crafts and never struggled with any instruction in homemaking because of all the practice she got with her family on the weekends.

When the time came for her to take her exit exams, she scored a 91, setting her up for a draft at eighteen. Though she'd had plenty of time to acquaint herself with her future husband's packet and felt confident she could be a good wife, Emerson was still terribly nervous about marriage. Those nerves were on full display at the Justice of the Peace and, initially, she blamed them for not 'clicking' with her husband right away.

Nothing of consequence happened during Marcus and Emerson's honeymoon; all they did was exist in each other's orbits, not ignoring each other, but also not interacting as husband and wife should. That set the tone for their first few months together.

Eventually, frustrated by the lack of progress in their relationship, Emerson began to make more explicit attempts at igniting romance between them. He let her down as gently as he could each time, but it began to wear on her.

Why didn't her husband want her?

What was she doing wrong?

How could she be better for him?

All those questions and more led to her tearfully demanding an answer from him one night. It happened after another dinner marked by an uncomfortable silence broken only by bursts of stilted conversation. At the time, Marcus told her that the state of their relationship was his fault, that he'd loved his first wife too much to stomach the idea of being with another woman. Emerson, having no reason to think he was lying, believed him, but she was still deeply unhappy. She'd never dreamed of having the perfect marriage. She just wanted something better than *this*.

With little aside from light chores to keep her occupied at home, Emerson turned to other things for entertainment. After extensive rummaging around, she came across an internet archive of old works on a variety of topics. She was hardly a history buff, but one of the topics stood out to her: spiritualism. The scans of the books were provided in a tongue-in-cheek, 'look at the nonsense people used to believe' sort of way, but Emerson saw something in them that the curators of the archive did not. She read anything she could get her hands on and eventually found a community of people online with the same beliefs. With her husband none the wiser, Emerson cultivated a belief system that veered even further off the 'normal' path than anything she inherited from her family.

It wasn't long before she was into the whole 'lifestyle', buying heaps of allegedly mystical items and meeting with her friends from the internet to discuss the finer points of communicating with the dead. For the first time in a long time, Emerson felt a sense of belonging. Of course, not everyone was on board with her new hobby. The whispers and sideways looks didn't bother Emerson - she'd always been 'the weird one' - but they certainly did bother her husband.

His solution to this particular problem was to offer Emerson a distraction in the form of something she'd wanted ever since their wedding day: children. While he still refused to sleep with her or allow her to conceive via IVF, he wasn't opposed to adoption. Once he brought up the idea, Emerson latched onto it immediately and it wasn't long before they were visiting local orphanages, looking for the perfect additions to their family. Emerson did most of the work, really, but she hardly minded. In the end, they adopted two children, siblings Emerson couldn't bear to separate. Marcus wasn't keen on the idea of having an extra mouth to feed, but if it kept his wife from making a spectacle of herself (and him by association) then he'd deal with it. Marcus never quite warmed up to the children. Luckily, Emerson had enough love for the both of them. Their lives were not idyllic by any means; there were a dozen things Emerson would change if she could. Even so, she found a way to be happy.

As with so many other things under the law of The Trust, that happiness was fleeting.

One afternoon, after a day out with their children, Emerson came home to find her husband being thrown into a police car by men from the Infidelity Division. She soon discovered that he was accused of carrying on an affair with a man from down the street, a man who Marcus had passed off as a close friend for their entirety of their marriage. There was hard evidence against both of them and they were executed.

All sorts of bile was spewed about her husband after that, much of it coming from people who didn't have a word to say against him prior to his death. They'd always known something was off about him, apparently. Yeah right. Emerson and Marcus had never gotten to be best friends, but she sure as hell knew her husband better than all these suddenly vocal bystanders. Despite the distance he'd put between them, she knew he was a good man, and nothing anyone else said would change her mind. One of her struggles in the aftermath of his execution was reconciling the man she'd known with the man The Trust claimed he was. More difficult than that was dealing with the loss of her children. Because she hadn't birthed them, they weren't hers in the eyes of the law. She couldn't decide what happened to them and her husband had neglected to make arrangements that kept them close to their mother. They were sent to his brother in another city, hours away from Tidewater. She was still allowed to see them as often as she wanted, but it wasn't the same.

The turmoil shook her up for a while, but the passage of time (and liberal use of healing crystals) made things easier. Emerson is gearing up for her next draft and she's been asking all the spirits she knows to help make it better than her last.


Henry Trudeau - father
Mariana Trudeau - mother
-Ralph Trudeau - older brother
-Waldo Trudeau - older brother

+Extended family


Marcus Williams - 1st Husband
-- Samantha Williams - adopted daugther
-- Monroe Williams - adopted son
Birthdate: December 13, 2163
Bad Habits: Hoarding, especially anything related to new age-y type things, rambling, daydreaming
Turn-Ons: Adventurousness, eccentricity/quirkiness, size difference (bigger than her), actually wants to touch her
Turn-Offs: Emotional distance/unavailability, dishonesty, close-mindedness, homebodies
hair color preference: No Information
eye color preference: No Information
draft position: For
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

Conditional, talk to me about it!

Player Notes

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