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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Matthew River
Played by  Acxe  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ No Information
Play-by ➢ Tom Bull
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25 Garbage Man Blonde Blue


Very upbeat, and is a very kind soul.
Tends to be a bit silly at points, but mostly is laid back.
He enjoys pulling things apart and putting them back together. To the point that he has gotten a motorcycle, so he could pull apart and put its engine back on again. He would love to do a car engine, but something tells him the Trust would not like it, at all.
Unsurprisingly he knows how to clean, very well.


Height is 6'0
Can tell that he works out... or at least his job keeps him very well toned.
Tries to keep the beard, but sometimes something bad gets into it.


Andrew River was a military man, so much to the point that he made his kids be almost like his subordinates. By the time Matthew came into the picture, the man had it down pat with the help of brothers, Anderson and Luke. And boy were the River children worked, by the time they entered school they at least knew how to clean bathrooms, the kitchen, and kept their rooms clean of clutter. It was thanks to Mother, Rudy, teaching them how to do it. For Father always liked a clean home, sometimes to the point of obsession. It was quite a feat for the young boys.

Now while in school, Matthew struggled on a lot of subjects. He just was never interested in math, science, or English. The arts and music even bored him. Although he had to admit, listening to music was wonderful to listen and dance to, but making it was horrible. Overall the youngest River was a C student. This is the minimum his father asked of him, and that was what he gave to the military man. Though Mother had other plans and would make sure the boy got extra lessons, as many as he could get. But, after a while, the teachers probably just thought he was stupid.

The only thing that ever gave the boy some spark was one of his friend’s father’s job. To him, they had the coolest job ever. They were able to work on the cars that everyone drove around in, just the idea of putting things together and maybe pulling them apart intrigued him. So much so that he asked if he could have a toolbox… but it seemed Mother did not want a son to have a blue-collar job. So, he was left with trying to save up what little allowance he was given.

That took a toll on his social life, but by the time he turned 18, he was able to save enough to buy his own toolbox. Father was thrilled with the idea of one of his boys was saving money to get what he really wanted, however, Mother did not like the fact that it was a toolbox he had saved up for. But there was nothing the woman could do, for it was Matthew’s and something told the young man that if anything did happen to the box then Father would be suspicious. He knew Mother meant well, but it still hurt Matt that she did not support her son in what he really loved.

However, it seemed with the roadblocks in his way and all the ‘bad grades’ he had. When he took the aptitude test, it seemed to be too late for him to have found out what he loved. For when he got his results it seemed they could not find anyplace to put him other than as a garbage man. The one bright side in all of this was that he would not have to do any more school. He started right away, and it turned out to be a blast. For he got to go put all the trash in one truck, and then pull them apart into different piles for different reasons. It was what he always wanted to do… however, he felt like he still had to find a job for the toolset he worked so hard to get.

It was while he was coming back from a sponsorship in which he saw a motorcycle. It looked cool and boy did the guy on it seem like he was having fun. It seemed to be the perfect job for his toolbox. So, while he worked as a garbage man, he saved up for a motorcycle, if it was in pieces he would love it even more. Eventually, he got it and enjoyed putting it together and pulling it apart again, at least the engine part. He keeps it in the garage, so Mother doesn’t have to look at it, and under a tarp so Father won’t talk about it. It seemed motorcycles were seen in a negative light.

As for the sponsorship that was required of men, he enjoyed his time. It was almost like his job, only it was how to pleasure a woman and how not to. He tried just about everything except for the pain = pleasure part. That was a nope subject, to the point that he doesn’t even talk when the subject comes up from his friends, who were also doing the sponsorship. Thankfully they stopped once everyone turned 19 but it was a long year.

For the next few years, he just lived his life. Never drafted, which by the time he was 21 was odd. But after 23 came and gone Matthew assumed that he was either forgotten, or the Trust never wanted to draft a garbage man to any of their ladies. Or perhaps there was just never enough draftable ladies to go around. No matter what, it did not stop Matthew. He just kept going to work and doing a good job, worked on his motorcycle, and hung out with his friends and family. Life was good, but maybe year 25 of his life would be different.


Andrew River, Father
Rudy River, Mother
Anderson, Older Brother
Luke, Older Brother
Birthdate: August 28
Bad Habits: Doesn
Turn-Ons: tickling, a woman undressing in front of him, showers, motorcycles
Turn-Offs: mean people, BDSM
hair color preference: N/A
eye color preference: N/A
draft position: For
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

see ooc

Player Notes

TIMEZONE: eastern
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