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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Tobias Krebsbach
Played by  BS  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ Lyra Worthington
Play-by ➢ Yannick Bisson
 ➢ Not Sharing Play-by
 ➢PM me
39 Musician Brown Brown


He's Creative, Folksy, Good natured, wholesome and well-meaning. But he's also careless, messy, a little self-flagellant and forgetful so you take the good with the bad.


Dresses pretty well, Joe always says that playing music for people is a privilege and you should dress like it. When he was with Great Blue Hill he usually wore a suit on stage. His agent is forever convincing him he needs to loosen up a little for RadioSilence so he's down to a button-down with the sleeves rolled up and a skinny tie.

Wears Glasses more often then not. Square Face.

Fit enough for the stage, but nothing amazing. Sometimes he forgets and lets himself go a little until someone reminds him that he's verging on a dad-bod.


Tobias is not a Savant, nor is he a musical prodigy. He’s just a guy who grew up surrounded by music. In the beginning that’s all there was. Just Toby, his dad and musical instruments. Those were in the days before Dinah. Toby barely remembers them now but what he does recall is a sense of connection. Music was his dad’s thing so it would be his thing too. He remembers a fuzzy probably real moment, sitting on the couch and shaking a maraca while his father strummed out a song on the guitar.

And then came Dinah. At first her addition was hard, Tobias had never known a life with a mother and it was jarring to have someone intrude on his time with his father. But thankfully the couple was slow moving. Toby could run to his father’s bed after a nightmare and still find his space. By the time they shared a room Toby was happy with his new stepmother and happy to see his father light up when she smiled at him.

Becoming a big brother had been another big change, but one little Toby felt ready for. Joe had always told him how important it was, what a big job. How he’d have to teach his little brother or sister about the world and keep them safe. Toby bragged to all his new friends at school about how he was going to get three siblings one day, not just two. I wasn’t until years later that he’d really think about what being the first of four meant. The day his baby brother was born was an exciting one. Easily the biggest smile you’ll ever find on Tobias in a family photo album, along with the photos from his youngest brother and baby sister’s births.

As he got older and more capable it became clear he was taking after her father. He took to music like nothing else. Starting on the banjo and the guitar just like him. When Toby got a little older the kids at school made it clear that banjo was “not cool”, causing him to drop it for a long time. He mastered the acoustic guitar and begged his dad for an electric one for christmas. He found the amp under the tree from Santa Claus and half the money in a card from his parents. He’d have to save up the rest. Even with the scrimping and saving it was the best present he’d ever received.

When he turned 18 Toby was like a majority of young men, long-suffering the waiting and eager. He was (still is) a fan of women. Touching them especially, digging his fingers into that soft sweet swell of a feminine body.

Toby tested into music, THANK GOD. His other high scoring qualities were things like patience and management and he was terrified of being shuffled into some dull desk job that would have him staring at the inside of a cubicle for the rest of his life. And just in time, the eldest of the Great Blue Hill bandmates had just retired and the talent agent was ecstatic to have Joe’s son join the band as their new bassist. A breath of fresh air in a band of oldtimers and a wholesome father-son dynamic, what more could you ask for in a Good Christian Folk outfit. Toby wasn’t complaining. He’d always loved Great Blue Hill and he and Joe were closer than ever. However, he was never entirely comfortable with the way their agent billed him: the cute young one. It was always answered with an uneasy mumble.

Brighton came into his life when Toby was 25. She was sweet and gentle, a real artistic soul type. On the shy side, but with a beautiful bright smile that said it all. It took Tobias a long time to get his wife to open up to him (with him sneaking off to sponsors to take the edge off in the meantime). He offered to sleep on the couch until they could buy a second bed and they got to know each other. It was months before he felt comfortable and welcome touching her. But eventually they became intimate and as close as any couple. After four years they conceived their first child, his son Jorah.

Then came a time of great change. First it was Great Blue Hill: the majority of the members were getting up in their years. Joe and Toby pushed for more gigs, more music, but the others were ready to hang up their guitar strings. They decided to let the band go and Joe and Toby were stuck asking where to go from here. Their agent’s answer was solo careers. Joe was still spunky enough to carry a small crowd on his own. And with a new wife and new babies a smaller tour schedule would be good. And for Tobias, a chance to step out on his own and find his personal sound. He started down the intimate singer/songwriter path. He liked it and he liked how excited Brighton was about the new work. Before he knew it every song was an ode to his wife.

They were very happy, but content with just Jorah until well after the Trust-prescribed birth control ran out. They tread carefully for a while until they slipped up but found a happy accident in their new daughter Galilee.

And then she was gone. Just like that. As if she’d gone up in a puff of smoke. Or at least that’s what it felt like, they wouldn’t let him see her body and he was too scared to insist. She’d been in line at the registry office, there was a typo on Gali’s birth certificate they wanted to fix before they forgot about it. They thought it was important at the time. In a government building. The bombers were never directly identified. A ghost that made him a widow, his children motherless. No part of it made sense. Not a single piece of sharpnel.

The next few years he was numb. Forget writing, forget a solo career and his new “coffeeshop cool” sound. There was the six months of mourning were he didn’t shave, barely ate. His babies all but living with his dad and his baby sister. Then his agent slowly trying to pull him from the rubble. Coaxing him into playing again, handing him the odd demo or band pitch. His father helping him apply for a live-in so that Jorah and Galilee could have a little more normalcy. He still wasn’t shaving though.

As he slowly came back to life his agent laid it down on the table. He was assigned to a new band. His bandmates were going to be young: a lot of them flighty artist types. Toby would be a bit of maturity and experience that the band needed. He wouldn’t have to worry about the flashy “cute one” shit any more. He could be the quiet bassist in the back and get home to his kids on time. At first Tobias was put off, he’d be ten years senior to his band mates, more than. But he actually came to enjoy it. Being around younger people was refreshing when you were working on healing. Provide some guidance or advice here or there. It keeps his mind off his own shit.

Or at least it did until their keyboard guy kept stirring shit up.

At this point they're trying to replace the shmuck and Toby couldn’t be happier. He’s grown comfortable with RadioSilence and he would have been upset to see it crumble so early. Hopefully the new guy is better. Meanwhile, he’s been a widower almost five years now. He doesn’t think about Brighton everyday any more. Instead he’s focused on Jorah and little Galilee. He’s hoping the whole “integrate a new piano-man” thing means no touring anytime soon. Galilee will be heading to Postcreast next year and he wants to spend as much time with her before as possible. He’s even beginning to look forward to a new draft, he feels like he’s ready for that…. maybe.


Joseph Krebsbach - father (?)
Maeve Krebsbach - late mother
Dinah Krebsbach - late stepmother
Penelope Krebsbach - his father's lovely wife (sorry, he's beyond stepmothers at this age)
Jethro Krebsbach - Younger Brother
Rueben Krebsbach - Little Brother
Myra Krebsbach - baby sister
Levi Krebsbach - babiest brother
Shiloh Krebsbach - babiest sister

Jorah Addar Krebsbach - son (11)
Galilee Ara Krebsbach - daughter (5)
Brighton Krebsbach - late wife
Otter Krebsbach - the family bulldog (Jorah picked the name)

His uncle and his brood
his "uncle" Ezekiel's brood
The Krebsbach-Garrison family
The Krebsbach-Jin family
Birthdate: August 10th
Bad Habits: Disorganized. A tendency to mope.
Turn-Ons: Femininity. His lady expressing her desires. body hair. A total grabass
Turn-Offs: kind of afraid of menses
hair color preference: any
eye color preference: any
draft position: For
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits


Player Notes

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