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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Cadeyrn Briarwood
Played by  Amare  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ Taliesen Heavens
Play-by ➢ Chris Evans
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27 Manager of the Wallflower Diner Light Brown Light Blue


Stubborn, to the point of being pig-headed. It's easier to move mountains than get him to do something he's set against. He can get snarky, with the tendency to rub people the wrong way. No matter how many times he's been told to 'shut up' he keeps the comments coming. He behaves like he's always 'right' and is slow to admit when he's wrong.

Fun-loving, or at least considers himself to be. Others might translate his sense of fun as immature and vindictive. His hobbies include, playing pranks, running around with nerf guns, and binge watching TV shows. As a kid playing pranks was his way of getting attention, not much has changed actually.

Territorial, don't touch his stuff. His action figure collection is off limits, his guitar is sacred, and don't even think about cleaning out his sock drawer. It also extends to being personally territorial and closed off. He thinks keeping people at arms length is the best way to steel himself from being hurt or abandoned. He's more sensitive than he lets on, and goes around with a chip on his shoulder once he feels wronged.


Standing at 6'0'' with a muscular build, it's clear Cade hits the gym every other day. Once upon a time, he was a skinny kid who had to build up not to get thrown off the school athletic team. The habits stuck, and he really pumped it up when sponsorship came around (talk about motivation to look good without a shirt). These days, he stays active and fit, but eats junk food regularly to compensate (because he's not some type of 'health nut'). His bone structure is long and narrow, with definition, there's a small mole on his left cheek. He has a cute smile, that looks entirely too smug at times. Not a fussy dresser, he wears whatever is clean, and has this one lather jacket that he refuses to trade in. In childhood, his hair was nearly golden, but darkened into brown during adolescence, still pron to lightening a shade in summer. He keeps his hair cropped short, and cuts a generally neat, if not overtly casual, look.


Cadeyrn Davies was born the third child of Glynn Briarwood and his first wife. He was four years old when his mother died of accidental shellfish poisoning, just old enough to remember her clearly, and feel the void of her absence. His sister was sent off to Portcrest not long after, leaving Cadeyrn at home all day with a live-in, until he started school like his brother. The live-in stayed for a little over a year, until his father was re-drafted, then a new mom joined the crew. It took Cade a bit to warm up to his new mom, he had just gotten attached to the live-in, before she had to leave. His dad told him it was part of life, taking the good with the bad, letting people in with the risk they were going to go out of your life at some point. It sounded good when Glynn said it, but living it was harder.

In a short time, there was a new little sister, followed by a brother and finally, a baby sister. Sadly, Cadeyrn's step-mother died from complications after she was sterilized, the boy was unhinged by the loss in stability. Another live-in came around, until a new mom arrived, then it was time to adjust to her. With six kids, there was never much order in the household, or peace. Luckily, the family moved to Trellis to accommodate, which helped in terms of bedroom and bathroom sharing. In time, twin girls came along, bringing the Briarwood's up to eight. On good days, it was like a children's home in need of a headmaster, on bad days, a zoo.

The next-door neighbors The Heavens provided opportunity for extra play-mates, except for the eldest girl, Taliesen. She was a real kill-joy, always tattling and turning him in. On the weekends, she played warden and got Cade in trouble (or rather, uncovered the trouble he got into). The girl was out of her mind. Those big bug eyes of hers and how she acted, she annoyed him to no end. Her brothers were fun enough, even her little siblings seemed okay for kids, but Taliesen... she was a nightmare. Maybe he did hang out with the wrong crowd sometimes, do dumb things, but it wasn't her business to report on him. He attempted to throw her off. She gave as good as she got, and that only inspired him to throw harder. They made their abhorrence for one another plain, just so everyone knew the score around the neighborhood.

Home life aside, Cade had a rough time in school. He almost never made assignment deadlines, and outright failed tests. His teachers were constantly sending home notes about him sleeping during class, goofing off in the halls or coming in late. He just made excuses and said everyone was against him. It certainly felt that way. An awkward kid, he was kind of clumsy, and that combined with his poor study habits made him easy prey. Lashing out was his way of handling it. Needless to say, Cade's smart mouth got him in trouble. He'd pick on bigger boys, then high tail it. Hanging out with other social outcasts gave way to doing stuff they did. It seemed like other boys could get away with less than pristine behavior, so why couldn't he?

His grades took a seriously bad turn as a teenager, until finally, his brother started doing his homework for him and his sister kept him up at night finishing projects. In the end, Cade managed to get by, but he was no scholar. Taking his aptitude test, he got placed in hospitality and management. It was a obvious screw-up, his people skills were questionable at best.

He found out Taliesen got drafted to some old guy. He couldn't help but feel like he'd won the better half of the jackpot, skipping off to sponsorship with hot young widows. Speaking of which, he really started getting serious about working out and beefing up. Nobody was going to call him 'rubber-band man' anymore. Unfortunately, he formed an attachment to one of his sponsors and she cut him off before the year was up, leaving him in a bind. He felt like an idiot. What type of kid fell for a government issued prostitute?

Putting distance between his awkward boyhood and the beginning of his new found adult life, became a priority. Working out, studying for school, trying out for collage sports and getting in hours at his part-time job at a local restaurant, created a big routine to follow. It was a lot to swallow. He might have fallen back in with the wrong crowd temporarily, but after a scary run-in with the police, he got back on track.

Into his early 20s, Cadeyrn finally entered a comfortable zone in life, satisfied with how things were going and where he stood. He was sort of surprised to learn Taliesen had been widowed and was coming back home. Not wasting any time, he quickly reinstated their previous bickering.

Everything was going awesome, until that block party in Trellis. He was horsing around with the guys, letting them get envious over his suspected impending draft. The Trust wasn't going to leave a guy like him in the pool. Making a big deal over how he would shortly be rolling in the hay with his shiny new bride, Taliesen let the beans spill. Cadeyrn wasn't going to be banging anyone, he was sleeping in the dog-house, she had his file. He actually stood there, frozen, staring, it was one of the most humiliating experiences he'd ever suffered at her hands (which was saying a lot). The family prank war ensued between the bounds of the neighborhood for what was left of the countdown.

Draft day rolled around, Cadeyrn wore his dark mourning suit, complete with a wilted flower in the lapel. The sentiment was shared obviously, Taliesen going so far as to wear a black veil. She wouldn't even speak to him, so he squared his shoulders, cracked his knuckles, and repaid the silence. The joke was on them, sure, but the look on the judge's face made it worth it. The Trust obviously glitched out on the match. Whatever. He could handle it. Keeping a straight face wasn't easy, in fact, humor and pranks became part of daily living, along with arguing, lots of arguing. It wasn't so bad, just a continuation to how things had always been growing up. They drew lines with boundaries, divided space and lived like they wanted.

There was that one time, he almost burnt down the kitchen, after that, Taliesen took over food preparation. Fickle as ever, she seemed to only cook when she felt like it, so cereal and sandwiches were a decent substitute for an after dinner snack some nights. How many hot-pockets could a guy eat? He devoted time to fixing his man-cave, and bought a motorcycle, taking over the garage as part of 'his territory'. The rest of his time was spent between work and finding new ways to irritate his wife. It took a lot of creativity, but baby powder in hair-dyers, craft paint in nail polish, and putting food coloring in toothpaste were just the beginning. House wars kept things interesting, and also kept him from thinking too much about actually being married. Things might have gotten out of hand, once or twice... but you know, he didn't mean anything by it.

Coming to a compromise, there was some effort put into being civil or at least sharing space, but personality clashes, or similarities, kept them from ever behaving and functioning like a healthy married couple. The cycle of argue, play pranks, watch TV and repeat, just got hard to break. He did get closer to her family, The Heavens were okay after all, and he'd grown comfortable with that aspect. If he bought his wife's sisters nicer gifts than he bought Taliesen, it served her right, they were more appreciative. If he spent more time hanging out with her brothers on the weekend, it just showed they were better company. While some might have seen his slights as attempts to get Taliesen's attention, as far as he knew, she never caught on. He told himself he didn't care anyway. At least, he had some freedom that a lot of other drafted men didn't and could do his own thing.

No real complaints.

His father died. He had really loved that man and losing him hurt bad. His siblings moved in with his eldest brother, inhabiting Old Town much like the family had since the Ashpoint Incident. That had been another big change, moving to Tidewater and getting the microchip implanted. It seemed like a lot of hassle. He wasn't a big fan of Tidewater, missing Ashpoint and how things were. Getting set up with a new job in his field and getting a new house lent itself to having to set up their home again. He got his man-cave fixed up quick, and the garage, the other parts just weren't a big deal. Taliesen got a job as a catalog model, he didn't care, and let her spend her money the way she wanted. Whatever.

Life goes on.

There are times when he privately admits he's actually attracted to Taliesen, but those moments aren't really something he acts on. Buying her favorite candy around Halloween is probably the closest he's gotten to showing he cares. He mostly tells himself how they live is 'fine' and feeds into the idea that his wife is bat-shit crazy.

He did make that promise to his dad though. The promise to try to make things work, give his wife and marriage a real shot. His father said The Trust didn't mess up, that he and Taliesen had a real chance. Cade doesn't believe it, or maybe he doesn't want to, but he owes it to his old man. Now, how do you go about building a relationship with a woman who doesn't even like you? He feels like he's been set-up.


[Father] Glynn Briarwood (deceased)
[Mother] (deceased)
[Step-mother #1] (deceased)
[Step-mother #2] (widowed)

[Full Siblings]
Older Brother
Older Sister

[Half-siblings - Step-mother #1]
Younger Sister
Younger Brother
Little Sister

[Half-siblings - Step-mother #2]
Twin Sister
Twin Sister

[Wife] Taliesen Heavens

All The Heavens.
Birthdate: September 21st
Bad Habits:  Back talking. Argumentative. Forgets to return library books. Hides the remote. Doesn't handle anger well. Slams doors. Cracks knuckles. Chews on pencils. Buys 'joke' gifts. Eats dessert for lunch. Crashes on the couch after work. Movie critic. Shifts blame. Forgets to gas the car.
Turn-Ons: Big eyes. Long legs. Being told he's cute. Not so subtle hints. Not having to make the first move. Citrus scents. Low lighting. Un-romantic places like cemeteries and museums. Not so private make-out sessions (the idea of it, he's never done it).
Turn-Offs: Weird stuff, nuff said. General things like nagging rile him up. Hates spoilers for TV shows/movies. Doesn't like change. Being criticized.
hair color preference: Black, or so he says
eye color preference: Brown, or so he says
draft position: Neutral
premarriage y/n: Yes, in response to a want ad.

Hard Limits

Overly Graphic/ BDSM / Not Too Kinky -

Player Notes

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