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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Francis Sommer
Played by  Momo  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ Zaia Ayami Ito
Play-by ➢ Adam Driver
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24 Detective Dark Brown Brown


At heart, Francis is a kind individual who often thinks far more about those around him more than himself. Unfortunately, such kindness is not always clear. Instead, he often comes off as a fairly temperamental individual due to his Major Depressive Disorder, which often causes him to come off as irritable or agitated. It has become worse with age as he has never received treatment outside of what is required [in regards to psychology].

Francis is a generally self-loathing person, always quicker to see fault within himself than others. However, he often hides this behind a façade of casual pessimism. Unfortunately, he does not have many healthy ways to deal such feelings, often turning to an array of bad habits in his personal time.

While most would not presume it due to his appearance, Francis is a fairly intelligent and perceptive individual. Moreover, he has a fairly good memory, though he notably has trouble with concentration.


While not unpleasant to look at, Francis would no doubt be described as appearing like a delinquent by the average individual. For the most part, it is not purposeful. He is an incredibly tall individual who is made up of a contradictory mixture of muscle and awkwardness. While it is clear that he is quite fit, traits such as his nose or ears tend to easily make him look awkward. As a result, he has taken to keeping his hair long over the years.

His hair is a dark brown. At its longest, it sits just past his ears. His eyes are a mulish brown. He is pale and seems to be incapable of gaining a noticeable tan.


Francis was the eldest of a pair of twins, born only a few moments before his sister Janette was. He cannot recall a single memory in regards to his parents, only possessing the knowledge that he and his sister have become little more than orphans due to the fact that their mother bore them outside of marriage with a man who would never be her husband. Then again, part of him supposes that it is also The Trust’s fault. After all, he cannot know what his parents ever thought. His uncle refuses to speak about the matter, always has. All he knows is that his birth is not appreciated because the law says it isn’t.

Perhaps he should be grateful he is alive, but it seems to be a bit difficult in the long run.

The reality is that his parents went on the run. Due to the time, it was something that was easier for the two to do. Unfortunately, due the nature of his parents- his father being a man who generally dipped into trouble and his mother being quite the opposite- the two ended up leaving their children behind. As poor as the decision might have been judged to be, the two imagined that Francis’ uncle might be able to make their life somewhat better.

In the end, it only made childhood difficult for Francis. While he had the fortune of being raised by his Uncle Arthur alongside his sister, the man was not well suited for parenthood. He was the sort of individual one expected to be teaching a sermon instead of raising children. He had the misfortune of changing wives often, many of whom ended up quite unhappy with him due to the fact that he was sterile. The presence of his niece and nephew were the only constant and, more often than not, it seemed as if he favored them more than any of his wives. Despite his difficulties, he tried and, for the most part, his efforts were not fruitless. Janette always seemed to be happy.

In the end, the youth supposed that the problem lay within himself. He could not blame his uncle for not understanding. After all, it was his own fault that he grew angry so often. It should have been easy to control. The matters that he grew angry at were so petty…so foolish. Moreover, he often found himself lacking in happiness. Sometimes, it seemed to leave him completely. His uncle could not understand.

Or, he could not in the beginning. It was only later when it became clear that he did need help- they said he needed help, that he needed to see people- that Francis slowly began to realize that his uncle was doing something wrong. He refused to bring him to a doctor, always offering the claim that nothing was wrong.

It only got worse with age. With no understanding or outlets, he created his own. He was always the problem child and he imagined that his teachers might not have bothered with him if it were not for the fact that he was clearly intelligent. Still, he did not like to listen. He did not want to hear honeyed words about how people thought they could help him. He was not something to fix!

The anger grew deeper, digging a terrible self-loathing. After all, he knew he was wrong. He was a problem and a problem should try to find a way to fix itself. Nobody bothered to say it quite so clearly, not until he grew older. The sharp words came from a boy who he could not help but stare at. His appearance was appealing, though not in any way a woman’s was…but then…he had never found the figure of a female appealing.

Whatever worry that revelation might have brought was diminished by the cruel words- words that were spoken by a rather pleasant voice- that were turned towards him. His temper quickly ignited and it was with little effort that the two were soon wound within a fight. The only difference between this time and every other time was that this boy did not forget and one fight soon became many more.

Mulishly, he moved through life, seeming to become set within his own schedule. However, he found himself far more hesitant to reach the goal that was set for him. Oh, it had nothing to do with a job. He knew himself well enough to know that he would likely manage to get into a good enough field. Rather, he had come to find a bad feeling rising up within him lately, something which only grew as his sponsorship came up.

He had held his suspicions; he did not particularly enjoy having them confirmed. It merely felt like another flaw to be added to his list- a list that was only growing as time stretched on. He found himself able to be distracted by it when he tested into law enforcement. It was…peculiar. As far as he was concerned, he would have never expected to have gotten into such a field. Oh, he was intelligent and strong enough for such a field, but it just did not seem to fit. After all, he hardly liked The Trust. He hated it as much as he often hated himself.

Yet, it did not stop him from doing well. Managing to become a detective, he found himself slipping into the role well enough. Nobody quite expected him to hold it after all. He was too angry, too rash, and looked too much like a delinquent himself. He was hardly the golden boy. Yet it worked well, even if it all left a sour taste in his mouth.

The sour taste seemed to keep him knee deep in bad habits and misery. Nothing anybody said could change that…right?


Father - alive [status unknown to Francis]
Mother - alive [status unknown to Francis]
Janette - twin sister; alive
Arthur - uncle; alive
Birthdate: 11/25
Bad Habits: Francis has a very bad temper that he has always had trouble controlling [though it should be noted that he is in no ways abusive]. As a result, he often tends to indulge in many outlets, most of which are legal. He also has a great deal of trouble socializing with others, something which is greatly connected to his Depression.
Turn-Ons: Non-sexually: redheads, honesty, smell of cigarettes, and a strong will. Sexually: men, displays of intelligence, dominant behaviour, and the image of someone who is "forbidden."
Turn-Offs: Non-sexually: blondes, weak of will/meek, arrogant, and an offer to "help" him. Sexually: stupidity, submissiveness, feminine behaviour, and women.
hair color preference: Redhead or brunette
eye color preference: A light shade
draft position: Against
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits


Player Notes

TIMEZONE: Mountain
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