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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Reuben Krebsbach
Played by  Faietal  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ Marcheline Best
Play-by ➢ James Wolk
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32 Composer, Lyricist, Music Producer Dark Brown Dark Brown


There was a time when Reuben had his shit together. It seems like ages ago to him and he can hardly remember where he found the energy to be that man. He was decisive, strong willed, and asinine in an almost charming way.

But life changed him.

"I don't know" and "I don't know what I'm doing" are his mantras. The boastful pride he once had has been replaced by an almost constant uncertainty. His temperament is erratic and easily altered, jumping spectrums with the smallest nudge.

Although he is always well meaning, he can be self deprecating. His good humor can turn harsh in a split second. He is careless with his attention and struggles to focus on the task at hand. But there is a charm to his scattered emotions, like a confused puppy.


Reuben's face is supple in its features with playful dimples and expressive dark eyes. It's round in shape, like his younger brother's. His hair is usually swept back and rarely described as neat. When he is in the mood to shave, his jawline is soft but facial hair usually pricks his skin more often than not.

His attire depends entirely on his mood, which is volatile at best. Sometimes he cleans up right and dons a proper suit with a snazzy tie or an eccentric pattern. Some days it's old jeans, a t-shirt and an aberrant jacket.

Reuben's preferred diet is lean when he remembers to feed himself. His shape reflects his diet choices. His lankiness is offset awkwardly by errant muscle tone and body hair.


Reuben was destined to be offbeat from the moment of his birth. How could he not be? He was born into an ever expanding family of goofball musicians and artists, all too creative for their own good. They were wholesome and talented and desperately naive. The music that surrounded Reuben as a child instilled in him the perception that the world was beautiful and coordinated. It was gift from God.

He never expected the chaos.

As a child, Reuben clung to his mother and his elder brother. He never grasped the concept of half siblings or step-parents. They were all bound by the Krebsbach name. The addition of younger siblings was always celebrated. Reuben took pride in his responsibilities as a brother, thinking it his duty to teach his little counterparts to embrace the beauty in abnormality: their unusually large family, the quirkiness that came with artistry, and the strangely strong bonds of their family name.

His was a life characterized by a long line of slowly encroaching entropy.

As one of many children, Reuben grew to be the loud one in the bunch: demanding attention when he wanted it, commanding the room when it suited him and raising his voice when he thought he might not be heard. It was different at school though, around others, around the non-Krebsbachs. He pitied them at first for not having families quite like his, and resented them later when he realized they considered the Krebsbachs to be strange.

He never understood why more families were not like his own.

As a student, Reuben was the bane of his teacher’s careers. He was constantly in need of shushing and redirecting, never completely interested in the subject matter they presented. Throughout his schooling, Reuben proved a difficult pupil for many professors and tutors alike. His grades were average at best, even in the subjects that interested him: music, writing, art- the things he felt were part of his soul.

He could lose himself in creativity.

As a young man, Reuben gave his attention with great prejudice. His aptitude tests placed him steadily on a musical path, which quickly became his great obsession. It began with song composition, poems turned lyrics, lyrics turned songs. Reuben had a natural way of pouring emotions into his compositions. His work matured. He began to put the right vocalists and musicians to verse, never one to crave the spotlight on the stage for himself, and steadily built a career in producing. Reuben loved all of it from start to finish- from pen to paper, to the recording studio, to watching his music performed live, all the way through music video production. It became his life.

He lost sight of what was truly important.

As a young, flourishing man, Reuben came to see his sponsorship as part of his creative process. It was life experience. It was raw, eager. It drove him when he was tired, when the material ran out. But it was never his biggest hit. There always seemed to be something superficial in the process- something real missing. Reuben watched his brothers marry. He watched their families grow and somewhere, buried below his career ambitions, he knew what his life was missing.

He told himself there was time. Later. Always later.

Reuben went many years without a Draft. He tried not to think on it too much, to wonder why there wasn’t a woman in the world for him. He kept his desire for a family pushed down, hidden and ignored until he had almost forgotten it. He was almost thirty when his first Draft Notice arrived: Delilah Applewhite. She was barely of-age, wide-eyed and fiery. She laughed at everything and expected nothing out of life. Reuben saw in her a freedom to live that he had never witnessed before.

She drove him mad in all the best ways.

Their life was unorganized, but hardly a mess. Delilah pushed Reuben to excel at his career. She said there was time to start a family. Later. Always later. There was time to play house when they were older. Their marriage was filled with spontaneous trips, flighting fancies, heated arguments, and passionate make-up sex. They loved each other, hated each other, and drove each other wild.

Delilah struggled with the Krebsbach family. She came from a small one herself and did not understand family bonds. She wasn’t one for family gatherings or dinners. When she did go, the night often ended in turmoil. It was one of her greatest faults and the cause of many fights. Reuben thought, in time, having a proper family of her own would help Delilah warm to the Krebsbach clan. But she always said there would be time for children later.

Always later.

A little over two years after their Draft, Delilah’s father suffered a fatal stroke. Her mother died years earlier and her father had not been redrafted. Much to Reuben’s surprise, Delilah begged him take in her younger sister- Magnolia. They had no other family. Reuben happily obliged, hoping that it would bring them closer together and help Delilah understand the meaning of family.

And then Delilah was pregnant.

It was unintentional. They used condoms. Delilah procured them. She blamed Reuben at first, accusing him of puncturing them. She was angry. It was a whirlwind of emotions and blame. Delilah was never interested in preparing for the baby. Talking about the life growing within her was too much. She was hospitalized after the first trimester. The doctors feared she would self-harm. Samuel Hyacinth Krebsbach was born five weeks early. Reuben was told it was a long, difficult birth. There was an administrative error at the hospital when Delilah went into labor and Reuben was not contacted until it was all over. And she was gone. Dead. Killed giving birth to a child she never wanted.

Entropy. Chaos.

Reuben was lost. His wife, his lover and his hater, was gone. He suddenly had a child he was not prepared for- a baby he did not know how to raise. A son. And a daughter he did not know who had just lost her sister. The steady line of his life, the even course of his work, it faltered. And he broke.

Reuben stepped down as a producer, unable to keep his head together long enough to finish a project. His work is erratic, just as his mood is. His son, born with bronchopulmonary dysplasia, remained in the hospital for months with Reuben helplessly by his side until they were able to return home. A broken home. “It takes time” everyone tells him, but Reuben knows now that there is no such thing as time. There is no later. There is no future. Only now.

Just now.


Father: Joseph Krebsbach, elderly
Mother: Dinah Krebsbach, deceased
Stepmother: Penelope Krebsbach, not elderly

Older Brother: Tobias Krebsbach+
Younger Brother: Jethro Krebsbach+
Younger Sister: Myra Krebsbach
Baby Sister: Shiloh Krebsbach
Baby Brother: Levi Krebsbach

First Wife: Delilah Applewhite, deceased
Adopted Daughter: Magnolia Applewhite, 17
Son: Samuel Hyacinth Krebsbach (Sammy, Hya), ~9 months

And all the other Krebsbachs+
Birthdate: October 10th
Bad Habits: Reuben can be indifferent and indecisive but sometimes he just wants someone to read his mind. He is messy. He also calls his family members, friends, really anyone in his contacts at all hours of the night to mope.
Turn-Ons: Spontaneity, Music, Long Nails, Heated Argument Sex, Make-Up Sex, Presentation (the dress, the makeup, the smooth legs- the total package)
Turn-Offs: Body Hair, Indecision, His Moods, Quiet (he likes background noise: music, running water, moans, heavy breathing, something)
hair color preference: IDK
eye color preference: IDK
draft position: For
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

I have yet to find anything that I am utterly unwilling to write with the right partner.

Player Notes

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