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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Ruth Howell
Played by  Amare  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ Asher Howell
Play-by ➢ Annasophia Robb
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18 No Information Blonde Blue


Excitable, Ruth is often shifting on the balls of her feet, or bouncing, as if she can't keep still. She is bubbly, energetic, up-beat, with little to no time for regrets, she rather have fun. Good clean fun of course! The flip-side of her energetic side is that when she gets upset her face turns red. She gets indigent towards injustice or meanness, and doesn't like when people aren't getting along.

Wholesome, growing-up Ruth was instilled a firm set of values, and she has never seen the need or had the desire to rebel. She loves her family, and wants nothing more than to one day have her own children. She's responsible as a babysitter, sweet with little ones, and has a soft spot for animals and the elderly. The worst thing you're likely to hear out of Ruth's mouth is "Oh Fudge" and don't curse in front of her unless you want to be reprimanded.

Impatient, Ruth has a hard time waiting. Doesn't matter if it's for big things or small, she just wants instant gratification. When baking, she opens the oven usually a dozen times checking to see if it's 'time' yet. Her impatience also lends itself over to wanting to know gossip, rushing off to share news and secrets drive her crazy.


Standing at 5'1" Ruthie is a small, short girl, with the appropriate curves to match her frame. Big bright smile to match her big bright blue eyes, she lights up like a firecracker when she grins. Ruth has one of those 'forever young' type faces, and will probably be confused for much younger than she is when she reaches her 30s. Her hair has gone through various styles over the years, but always remains naturally blonde, lightening in the summer, and getting darker in the winter months. She sometimes curls it with sponge rollers. Her clothing is youthful, modest, but nicely stylish for a young woman her age. She likes sandals, and cute dresses.


Ruth Mabel was born Micah Krebsbach's forth child, during his second marriage to wife Elinor. The family were good Christian people, and Micah had suffered his share of sorrows which seemed to make him appreciate his children all the more. Ruth surprised everyone by coming into the world a month early. She had a strong pair of lungs and used them from dawn until dusk. Good thing her parents were positive minded and didn't let the sleepless nights deprive them of enjoying Ruth as a tiny miracle.

By the time little Ruth was crawling, everyone was calling her "Ruthie Mae". She was the cutest wide eyed little darling, a curious critter, always climbing in the kitchen cabinets and pulling out all the pots and pans. Even at that age, she showed musical talent, banging together a little clamoring orchestra.

When Ruth turned two years old her life got traumatic for awhile, her baby brother was born , usurping her as the youngest and to make matters worse, her eldest sister Magdalena was only home on weekends, and had to return to boarding school during the week. Ruth would take one look at her new brother and cry for 'her Maggie'. This is likely way weekends, when the whole family was together, became her favorite time. When her eldest sister was home she would become her shadow.

Ruth was frustrated when her older sister got to go off to school joining Magdalena. They were so close in age, it didn't seem fair that Ruth had to wait. Her sixth birthday couldn't come soon enough! Once Ruth got her sensor bracelet, and was packed off to Portcrest, she was thrilled! Finally joining her sisters, she was even in the same class as her cousin, Myra. Admittedly, adjusting to the routine of school took her a bit of time. She wasn't used to sitting still, and tended to talk during class. In time, she got better at paying attention and didn't give her teachers too much worry about. Her favorite subjects in school were sewing, flower arrangements, and music, the latter in which, Ruth showed interest in piano, cultivating a talent and skill.

On a social front, Ruth just never had time for mean girls, or those wayward ones that got themselves in corrections. She tried not to judge them, but sometimes it was hard. They said awful things and didn't behave like young ladies should. It got her mad, so mad that sometimes she would even confront them. That never went well, and just left her even more flustered. She preferred keeping company with her cousin and any of the nicer girls that came her way.

When the girls came home from boarding school on the weekends and holidays, there was always catching up to do. Coming from a large family, with extended relations, gatherings were never dull and there were playmates by the plenty. The family were Church goers, and Ruth always enjoyed attending services on Sundays, it was part of life, and something she never questioned.

Ruth was 16 years old with the Ashpoint incident occurred. It was frightening, and she really didn't understand why so many people had to die. She was thankful most of her family was safe, but not everyone made it out, as they learned over the course of time. It broke her heart. She tried to offer comfort where she could, and have faith it was for a reason, even if she didn't understand. Ruth was never very patient, always wanting answers, but she knew it wasn't hers to demand. There was a reason for everything, and she had to trust and do her part.

The move to Tidewater and transferring over to St. Martha's was both exciting and intimidating. Ruth liked Tidewater, but she was sad that a lot of people tended to have prejudice towards folks from Ashpoint. All she could do was try to set a good example, and leave it in the Lord's hands.

The final months leading up to her exit exam were stressful, Ruth spent a lot of time studying, and a good amount of time praying. She wanted to do as well as she could, but didn't know if she really wanted to be drafted before she turned 21. In some ways, she felt like she had grown up too fast, and didn't know if she would make a very good wife. When she got her test results back, she had scored 93. Ruth decided it was 'meant to be'. Receiving her first packet in the mail, Ruth tried to set aside her building nerves. As she studied the file, she could only hope she'd make a decent helper and life-mate to her future husband.


[Father] Micah Krebsbach
[Father's 1st Wife] Colleen Krebsbach
[Mother] Elinor Krebsbach

[Older Half Siblings]
[Eldest Sister] Magdalena "Maggie" Krebsbach (adopted)
[Older Brother] --??

[Full Siblings]
[Older Sister] --??
[Younger Brother] --??

All The Krebsbachs.

Birthdate: November 22nd
Bad Habits: Impatient, Has a sweet tooth, Plays music too loud, Isn't good at keeping secrets, Tries to hurry too much, Bad at math, Forgets to time manage. Plays with her hair. Slurping through straws.
Turn-Ons: Family-oriented, Friendly, Holding-hands, Laughter, Sense of humor, Nice arms. Being wanted. Feeling protected. Cuddling. Men in sweaters. Glances in crowded rooms.
Turn-Offs: Bad language, Mean, Aggressiveness, Dirty without reason (if you've been working it's okay, but please wash your hands) , Roughness, Liars, Violence, Anything that seems shifty. Doesn't like children.
hair color preference: No Information
eye color preference: No Information
draft position: For
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

No Information

Player Notes

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