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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Tyra Lennox
Played by  Fallen  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ Deceased
Play-by ➢ Halle Berry
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43 Dance Instructor Dark brown Brown


There's an air of mystery that surrounds this woman. She can be invisible like a cat, quietly waiting and observing. Nothing is missed with this woman. She pays close attention to detail, watches body language and the way a person speaks. There are times one would never know she was there until she lets herself be known. She moved with grace and agility which often allows her to take people by surprise.

Tyra is one for not many words, her voice firm but delicate at the same time. When she does have something to say, what comes out her mouth someone might not like. She will speak the truth whether someone wants to hear it or not, which often makes her the person people come to for advice. She doesn't mind lending an ear if one would appreciate her opinion.

There is a seductive nature about her that emanate off of her. She carries herself like a lady at all times, but she isn't afraid of harmless flirting and the bat of eyelashes. She can draw attention to herself when need to be, with little effort.

Her enigmatic demeanor, comes across that there is something unique about her. She has a dark sense of humor, but a sense of humor none the less. Her heart is in a good place even if doesn't seem like it within the moment. She is a practicing Pagan of the Kermetic faith (Egyptian), but doesn't make it publicly known due to the Trust and how others are around her.

She is a strong woman with good morals and loving heart, since her husband passed, a lot of her emotions surrounding his death she had kept close to her chest. She truly hasn't healed from it and a part of herself had gone numb which had allowed sponsoring men much easier.


The fiery beauty stands at 5’9”and weighs 137 lbs. Tyra is petite with curves all in the right places. Her caramel complexion glistens like gold against the rest of her features. Her large brown eyes twinkles when she smiles, which highlights her cheekbones. Tyra’s short dark brown hair fits her angular face, showing off her best features. She always keeps her hair short, not liking it past her ears at most. A blacksmith gave her a pair of scissors so that she could maintain her short style. Sometimes her hair might have light brown highlights while other times she might grow here hair out to the length of her ears.


Tyra was born to a father that didn’t exactly want her. Drake and Pauline were a young couple when Pauline found out she was pregnant. Naturally, they both were excited until her husband found out he would be having a daughter instead of a son. That disappoint would plague his daughter for the rest of her life.

Drake was a father that really wasn’t there. He had occupied himself with work with Pauline stayed home and helped raised their daughter. Tyra knew there wasn’t something right about how distant her father had been towards her, but often kept quiet about it thinking that was how it was supposed to be.

School was enjoyable for her. She had enjoyed socializing and learning new things. Young Tyra was like a sponge, eager to try new things. She had taken interest in dance therefore she was enrolled in a dance program. Life had seemed relatively normal until the age of 8. Drake and Pauline had decided to adopt a child. Pauline had wanted to try naturally, but feared that they would end up with another daughter. She had wanted to give her husband the son he had wanted so he could carry on the family name. Therefore, they had opted to adopt a boy a few years older than than daughter named Sean.

Tyra was happy to have someone in the house around the same age and quickly opened her arms to him. Pauline treated her children equally, but her husband favored Sean. It became clear that her father wanted nothing to with her with. Drake would do for his son and not for his daughter. Pauline was too afraid of husband to have said anything.

From that point, Tyra was schooled on how to be the perfect wife with her mother’s help. She had studied different forms of dance with her mother and brother encouragement. As she aged, she had started to see what her parent’s marriage wasn’t as happy as she had thought. They had seemed to argue more and her father barely spoke to Tyra. Despite being close to Sean, she also started to resent on how their father showered him with love.

Life had taken a turn for the worse when her parents were killed in a mysterious car accident when she was 12. Devastated, both children were sent to live with their uncle Riley and aunt Merdith who had finished raising them. She had hated living with them and often protested. Uncle Riley was kinder than her father and aunt was just as loving as her mother, however both ran a very strict household and had no children of their own. Tyra had asked them questions about her parents death and no answers were given. She had tried to investigate herself, but she was too young to be given any real information.

Finishing school was rough with dance being an outlet of escape, but she had managed to finish with a decent passing grade and would be Drafted at 19. The Summer of her 18th birthday, Sean had gone to spend the night at a friend’s house and had never been seen again. Oddly enough, her uncle and aunt had not investigated the disappearance which showed how little they truly cared for their niece and nephew. Tyra had tried to again, investigate herself which led to dead ends. Parents and now Sean gone, she truly had felt alone.

The day of her Draft, her uncle and aunt were more than happy to see her off. She was drafted to Constantine who was two years older and also on his first draft. At first, they didn’t see eye to eye the first year. He had seemed distant and cold, almost like her father which she didn’t want to deal with. However, once they had opened up about their past, things are started to change between them. They started to communicate better and tried to make their marriage work. Constantine admitted why he was guarded in the beginning due to the abuse he had suffered as a child.

Constantine had became someone she learned to love as the years had gone on. Wanting to start a fresh life, they had moved to Tidewater after Contantine’s career relocated him. When she was 22, she was pregnant with her first child, Lorelia and her second, Castiel, 25. They did their best to raise their children in a good home with good morals. They supported their children and gave them the childhood that neither of them had. Once they were old enough, Constantine allowed Tyra to work which she had became a dance instructor.

Life was quite simple for the family. Lorelia was the first to be drafted followed by Castiel. With both children out of the house, Tyra continued her dance studies with her husband’s support. It wasn’t until she was 39 when Constantine had got trapped in a fire (since he was a fireman) and died instantly within a burning building while trying to save a family. Tyra was devastated and really didn’t know how to start over after being with someone for so long and came to love. Her children were there for support as they tried to help her the best way they could.

She had continued to work before reluctantly becoming a part-time sponsor. Tyra was in no condition to have done this, but looked at it as another job with any type of feelings put aside. Thankfully she was able to keep her job a as dance instructor and took on women’s exercise dance classes.

As much as she had supported the Trust, after her husband's death, her eyes had started to open a bit.


Parents: Drake and Pauline Collins (nee Demont) (deceased)
Adopted Brother: Sean Collins 46 (unknown whereabouts)

Uncle: Riley Shepards
Aunt: Merdith Shepards ( nee Demont)
Uncle: August Webber (deceased)
Aunt: Devi Webber (nee Demont)
1st Cousin: Alisha Byrant

Late husband: Constantine Lennox (deceased)
Daughter: Lorelia Lennox -21
Son: Castiel Lennox - 19
Birthdate: October 12th
Bad Habits: Being touchy which makes people uncomfortable, lip biting when thinking to hard
Turn-Ons: Breast play, biting, primal play, massages with oil, list of Bdsm things
Turn-Offs: Overally submissive men, bad breath and bad kisser, sexually selfish
hair color preference: N/A
eye color preference: N/A
draft position: For
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits


Player Notes

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