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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Sterling Larkin
Played by  Sugar  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ Mathilde Grave
Play-by ➢ Erik Fellows
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30 Pediatrics Resident Brown Hazel


Sterling on first meeting him veritably oozes charm. He is incredibly charismatic and always speaks with flair, offering witticisms as if they are a fine wine. He could make even the most stoic woman blush with his magnetic airs. There is an aura of intelligence about him, and the assertiveness to make sure he is heard. He seems very friendly and trustworthy, as though he would happily take a friend's secrets to the grave. Unless he is crossed of course.

When crossed he becomes vengeful and malicious, quickly turning on the one he perceives has wronged him. His vengeance is delicately prepared and quite final. It takes a great wrong for this to occur, but he does not suffer any such slights easily. He does not take dictations well as he has a very dominant personality. Suggestions fair better with him, but have good reasoning prepared.

Beneath all of that charm though is the real Sterling Larkin. The reality behind the illusion. He is an incredibly cunning creature who firmly believes the ends will always justify the means. No price save that of sacrificing his own hide is too high to pay to reach his end goals. He would never put himself in the line of fire. That's where his incredible charm comes in useful. He is secretive and his mood can change quickly. While he seems easy to trust, he does not trust in return and has a deeply jealous streak.

Mixed in with it all is a quite passionate and sensual being who at his core has a great capacity to love, but just as great a capacity to destroy.


Sterling takes impeccable care of himself. His personality demands it. For work he always looks more the kind doctor, with perfectly paired attire. His more casual style plays upon what he sees as his inherent sex appeal. His eyes lean more green than brown and he tends to wear things that bring that feature out. His brown hair is neatly brushed for work, but when out he prefers a deliberately more mussed style.


Sterling was born the final child to Morgan and Shannon Larkin. If they had hoped for a girl they never let on to Sterling. He had an incredibly easy childhood. The stress of having children was over for his mother who was more than happy to be sterilized after his arrival. As a young child he was bright, happy, and met his milestones early in most cases. The outside showed a child with great potential, but it wasn't long before his mother saw the truth as mothers are so capable of doing with their children. Even at the young age he was, there was a deep propensity for lying. Worse he was actually even good at it. She wasn't sure how to handle it and like a concerned mother put her son into counseling to see if the root of the problem could be discovered.

It sufficed to only do one thing. Make him better at hiding it. He went off to school, free of his 'need' for counseling and he left his mother thinking she had won some great battle in stopping him from becoming a terrible person. The reality was she had set him up for greater success at it. He immediately began to put his skills to work at school. It was subtle at first, the way he insinuated himself into the social circles of school life. He found his ability to lie gave him power. Manipulative capability soon followed. Just the right lie for the reaction he hoped for. People quickly became playthings and he, the ever charismatic game-master.

He was a bright student, that part never needed manipulated It was one of only a few things about him that proved intrinsically true. He excelled in his classes, sure to land a rather laudable position when his aptitude test came along. He involved himself with sports, building a repertoire of things that would keep his appearance polished. The Golden Child being the liar in the family always amused him. His games became more dangerous as he tested the boundaries of what he could accomplish. It was a high for him.

His aptitude test sent him into the medical field as expected. His parents were thrilled and he could only gracefully accept their praise. It had already been known to him where he was going. Nothing happened in Sterling's life without his hand guiding the results.

He started his sponsorship and college that fall. Seeing the sponsors was fun and he visited several, again playing his various games to see how they translated in the bedroom. He found using his looks and having a hand for dominance suited him when it came to getting what he wanted. He was quite over it though when the year was over. A game was only fun until it was mastered after all. Then it became tedious.

He opted for a more grueling accelerated course of study to shave a year off his course of study and finish in seven as opposed to eight with his Bachelor's in medicine. He made a calculated choice to specialize in Pediatrics and went on to take up a residency at the Tidewater Hospital. After all, who would suspect him of being a bad person when he worked with kids? He got on great with children even. He's closing in on finishing his training to become a fully licensed Pediatrician in the next year.

He received his first Draft just before his twenty-first birthday to a young woman named Moira Blake. She was tall and slim with dark hair and caramel skin. She always smelled like strawberries. Unfortunately she was an absolute pushover and he was almost instantly bored with her. She was a pretty enough thing to have on his arm and it was easy to make her look the part of the perfect Trust-approved wife. It was good for his image but little more than that. In the public eye he was sweet and attentive to her, at home he was dismissive. Never cruel though. That wasn't a line he would cross, but cruelty takes many forms.

After the whole Ashpoint Incident, which he offered his medical services towards to give more credence to his public image, he accepted being chipped with no fuss. After all it just wouldn't do to resist what the Trust said. Right? It's all about image. Control the lie, use the image, manipulate the results. Sterling knows how to play this game.

He found himself actually relieved when she collapsed at the store. She had been complaining of a headache and he had told her to either take something for it or make an appointment with her doctor. She had accepted a few painkillers and said she'd call after doing her shopping. There was never a chance. She'd had an undetected aneurysm and it had burst. She lingered in a coma for a couple weeks before she was declared brain dead and Sterling had her taken off life support, making sure the whole while to seem deeply affected by the whole situation.

That was eighteen months ago. He's become fairly convinced now with the length of time that his packet has arrived in the hands of some fresh from school girl. He just hopes this next one proves a more entertaining toy for him than the last one.


Morgan and Shannon Larkin
Oliver Larkin - older brother
Samuel Larkin - older brother
Birthdate: November 3
Bad Habits: Secretive, Manipulates things to his benefit, rarely tells the full truth.
Turn-Ons: Manipulating others, soft floral scents (lilacs in particular), dominating his partner, sensory deprivation, hot wax.
Turn-Offs: Being manipulated, food involved with sex, passive or anxious partner, severe biting (human mouths are filthy ok?).
hair color preference: Red or Brunette
eye color preference: Light colors
draft position: For
premarriage y/n: Yes, in response to a want ad.

Hard Limits


Player Notes

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