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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Despoina Quinn
Played by  Immy  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ Rydell Quinn
Play-by ➢ Barbie Ferreira
 ➢ Not Sharing Play-by
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19 No Information brown brown


Despoina is intelligent and sensitive, and has always questioned (though quietly) things like the world we live in, and life in general. Her father encouraged her to be aware, to have a temper but to learn to control it, and, contrary to the way some girls are raised, to have sense of worth. She feels like a strong person, and is fiercely protective of the people she cares for, but she isn't quick to care. She has a selfish streak, and a demanding streak, but again, the things she cares enough about to be selfish over are few. Basically, if she loves someone, she will at different times, be both adoring and a brat to them.

As the youngest in her family, she was babied, and her sullen moods were tolerated, but boarding school and a desire to be more than the baby encouraged her to understand how humor and 'playing a role' could make others more apt to tolerate her moodiness or boredom with most of her school-work. She likes to take control and has no problems telling white lies for the 'greater good' and she's usually been good at getting what she wants from her family and from teachers...a limited group but a group she quickly studied and learned how to - in her way, control-in the sense that she's enjoyed being given whatever privileges were available to her as a daughter or a student or citizen.

She's good at baking but hates to admit it, has a kind of self-consciousness, maybe about weight. Her sister and mother are much slimmer.

That same sense of humor, and play-acting means she sometimes likes to put on 'shows' for strangers too, the perfect young lady, but her own personal happy place often has something to do with music. She's a little...too easily bored, and sometimes likes to do something just to do something.


5' 8", and athletic, a little thickish. Her long brown hair is usually loose. She's physically expressive with her eyes and her mouth and her body, and likes to dress up and dress down according to her mood, when she can. She's a little....up when she's up, and can sometimes swing down pretty hard.


She's the youngest in her family and was doted on by her father, Carlo and her big sister, Daphne. When Daphne left for boarding school, Despoina cried for weeks. Carlo didn't mind her emotions- because she got emotion-struck in the good way too, she gasped and closed her eyes and tell him, Daddy look, like the hawk she was seeing was even better with her eyes closed, electric yellows or pinks, he imagined.

Her mother was much more pragmatic about it all...after all, she'd been sent to boarding school too, but Despoina dreaded the day she'd be separated from her family. Her father knew she was afraid, and he told her, "You have a secret, you, like me, are a secret agent, and every time you come home I expect you to tell me something. Not something you learned in classes. Something real."

"You too," she told him.

He did. She came home and she'd re-enact the classroom, a small conversation embellished and made into an over the top parody that would make him laugh, and he'd tell her something real about work, something real about the secret world of men and the things they did and were expected to do.

On her visits home, as she grew older, her father shared more with her. His impropriety never rose above the once in a blue moon sharing of a part of a book he'd obtained (something he savored and saved until he'd also managed to obtain at least a small flask of drink from the black market) and the thoughts it contained. but those late night talks and the quiet joy of being trusted with something so grown up made her inwardly roll her eyes at courses such as 'Appropriate Handbag Contents' (which she obtained a B+ on because she substituted tabasco sauce for hand lotion.

Her father might have given her a dreamy nature, but that was tempered by her mother's practicality. Angela always had the perfect flower arrangements, could whip up a dinner for ten in under an hour, and managed to always make everything at least feel like it was going to be alright. It was because of her mother she excelled at the course 'Problem Solving' ...finally something she found to challenge her mind- but it was music that gave her peace of mind. She plays the piano, and loves it. Any opportunity for sports was something she loved, though..that opportunity was pretty limited to games with her brother and sister or the neighborhood kids...and when they came, she went all out.

She likes people, and she had friends in the neighborhood, and would run out to 'walk the dog' with favorite ones, and her teachers would have most likely said -Despoina is funny, a lively, fun girl with too much energy, except for when she isn't... but, as always, things were a little different with her peers. She was sometimes a target - she was bigger than some of the girls, and louder, and she'd encourage and protect some of the quieter shier girls from the other louder girls...and sometimes, she was the one who targeted...sometimes mistakenly, her humor gone wrong, or sometimes intentionally, an envy misplaced and disguised as smug condescension mostly aimed at the girls who took pop quizzes in purse etiquette so seriously.

She talks about nothing to the next person in line without a care, but keeps most things that are -real- to herself.

Keeps things that are real to herself, now that her father is gone. The car accident isn't something she talks about, she was out of school for all of only two weeks when it happened.

It was just another regular night. Mama screamed in the kitchen.

Despoina shut down, didn't think about it, didn't talk about it. Her mother was sent to the apartment complex with other widows, and was sterilized, and she was sent to live with her brother and his wife, who she does not get along with, and their two young children- and suddenly the Draft ,which has always been a terrifying known, has something of an unknown, and maybe...silver lining. She hopes.


Father- Carlo- deceased
Mother- Angela
Brother- Nikos
Sister- Daphne
nephews and nieces, a sister in law (Elenor) and a brother in law (Davis)
Birthdate: April 18
Bad Habits: When she can: reads, has a smoke, has a drink, eats something sweet
Turn-Ons: Passion, Energy, Rigor, Willpower
Turn-Offs: wimps, spineless types
hair color preference: No Information
eye color preference: No Information
draft position: Against
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

If the writing is right, not much is off limits

Player Notes

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