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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Jazmin De Petit
Played by  Tami Lynn  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ No Information
Play-by ➢ Jessicaa Szohr
 ➢ Not Sharing Play-by
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25 None Dark brown Hazel


There’s a time for everything in her mind, and even in the confines of house work or running errands,Jazmin will find small ways to add even the smallest bit of fun to things.She is a people pleaser who will go out of her way to make others happy. She can be down to earth and practical when need be. While she does not agree with the draft , Jazmin is about security and respecting social rules. She has to be to stay alive. But sometimes her imagination can sometimes get the best of her and she gets lost in thoughts and or too in to something she is doing.

Questioning things isn’t her strong point, but Jazmin makes evaluations according to her principles. She doesn’t often share her thought process, as she is scared to. And when there’s a problem, she kicks into high gear in figuring out a creative way of solving it, even if nothing comes of it she feels she has not failed if she tries.

She does have a wicked sense of humor and when she can bring it out she does. Jazmin is about finding happiness where she can . She is good at telling jokes and makes others feel comfortable and happy. Jazmin is very easy to get along with as she is open to many things and likes to try new stuff. She wants to keep life fun and exciting,


Jazmin stands at an average five feet five and it seems odd, considering her mother is five feet ten and her dad is almost six feet three. .She has a slight darker color to her skin when she is out in the sun, but she does not do that too much as she does not want any more marks on her. The very prominent features of her father can be seen in this young ladies face. Her rounded cheeks that perfect little nose .But what is mostly her mother are the eyes. Callidora's eyes are a dark brown almost black, that have a glint of amber in them when the sun hit her face just right. Her hair is long and hangs about 7 or 8 inches down past her shoulders. It is a dark brown almost black and she straightens it as it is naturally curly.

Jazmin has a birthmark on the underside of one of her toes that looks like a freckle. She also has a mark on her hairline on the back of her head that she received when she was born.She takes good care of her body as Jazmin knows it is the only one she has. While she loves her sweets she takes great care not to go overboard as she does not want any blemishes. There is a routine she does every day when she wakes up to make sure she stays as smooth as silk. To her your face is rather important it is the first part of you someone sees so best take care of it.


TW: violence/rape.

Jazmin was a surprise baby really her parents already has two boys and her mother was about to ask to be sterilized when she found out she was pregnant so 8 months after finding out she’s pregnant Callidora Montague gave birth to a healthy nine pound little girl that was named Jazmin because they liked exotic names and Callidora after herself. From the moment she could remember Jazmin had it drilled into her head about one thing. She was born a female and that means there is only one thing for her to do in life. Her job was to go to school and grow up there and learns to be a proper wife and someday mother and to follow the rules and by all means never ever let them down. Her parents were very strict with her because she was a girl but her older brothers well they were treated like little gods and they had no problem letting her know it.

The were not the nicest to their younger sister so when the time came for school well Jazmin could not wait and it seemed her things were all done and packed before she even opened her school letter. Once at school under constant pressure from her family Jazmin was one to delve right into her studies and even take on extra work just to prove herself and get the best grades she could. But one class was giving her trouble and when she was round fifteen she got a not so perfect grade in sewing as Jazmin couldn’t get that right and on a visit home from school one weekend her father let it show how upset he was.
He was not going to have imperfection in his house and he was smart enough not to leave marks where they could be seen, Knowing what happened in a family home stayed there Jazmin was careful to hide the bruises on her back and legs and didn’t tell anyone about the broken ribs. From that moment on Jazmin pushed her self in school work and buried any emotions deep down inside where nobody not even her could find them. Then when graduation came and she was not given a folder to study for a future husband this woman was more then scared to return home as she thought her father would see that as another imperfection.

But once home Jazmin spent her time reading government approved books on proper wife training and sewing and cooking and she even spent more time then she wanted with her mother seeing as she was seen as the perfect draft wife. But the one thing that did make her sad was when Callidora turned a blind eye to her husband rage towards their daughter. But now it has been two plus years since she graduated school and still no draft folder or letter has been sent to her home. To keep on the good side of her father Jazmin cooks the meals and has even hand painted the good china in a pattern her father likes just to keep him happy. “There is nothing other then perfection.” Is something that is said in her home a lot. Jazmin is ready to move out of her home and make her family proud and become the proper and perfect draft wife. Some of her friends hoped she would find someone to help her unwind a little learn to relax. Because some feel she takes her becoming the perfect wife and mother a little too far and a little seriously.

Her first draft took it's own sweet time coming around as Jazmin was 20 when it got it she was excited to finally be married and to get out of her family home.All she wanted was to be away from her abusive father and mother who did nothing to help her. At the JOP he seemed like a Prince holding her hand kissing the top of it and even said some sweet words before they signed the papers.But once back in his car and on the way home, Jazmin quickly found out her new husband was a wolf in sheep clothing.

His kind hand hold became so hard she felt her knuckles cracking, that little moment left the first of many bruises.They had hardly me it in the house when he walked in to the living room and demanded she strip naked so he could inspect his new property. She got nervous seeing as her father had left his marks on her. That night her fist night as a married woman started with a brutal rape right there on the living room floor.

Jazmin ended up being married to a man who was just like her father.She had gone out of the frying pan and in to the fire. The only good thing about growing up the way she did was Jazmin learned how to handle a man like that. She learned the small tricks on how to placate Harrison.Sometimes it worked sometimes it did not and she would not leave the house for a few days. Her husband was a very demanding man having everything thought out right down to the minute.He even had it timed how long her driving someplace would take and if she was just a minute late he would be blowing up her cell till she got home. Even when shopping Jazmin had a strict budget she was on and every purchase no matter how small she had to show a receipt.After almost a year Harrison was screaming at her because she was not pregnant.It was her job to get pregnant and give him kids, he would tell her. Behind closed doors he was a monster but out in public it was a different story.

People saw them as a perfect couple,He was the gentleman who pushed in her chair and treated her to the right dinners and little gifts when they were out with friends. When he would go out with other partners from his law firm and their wives Harrison would rent a limo and sit with his arm around her,And not wanting to cause waves Jazmin would smile and play the part,.All the while knowing their was going to be a price to pay once home.Because no matter what she did, there was always something she did wrong. After about 2 years of marriage and no pregnancies Harrison dragged Jazmin to the doctors and insisted she must be defective if she has not gotten pregnant even once. After running tests after tests it came back Jazmin was fine everything with her was normal and the reason she was not pregnant was Harrison.He tried to remain calm but jerked Jazmin out of the chair so hard and in such a weird way he broke her wrist. That was the first time in front of someone this happened.

By the time was was 23 her husband had begun spending less and less time at home , or coming home super late. Jazmin was not stupid he was cheating and really she did not care, let him be someone else problem for a while.It was a chance for her to relax and have some peace before the annoyingly stupid jerk came home. This was not the life she dreamed off but now he would come home and for now go right to bed and leave her alone.So for a little while, things were as ok as they were going to get. One night he came home very late and of all things drunk.She had no clue where he got the alcohol and she did not care. But Jazmin should of because he was in the mood and she was asleep and the poor thing work up to her husband leaning over her naked body as he had cuffed her hands to he bed over her head and he was violently raping her a she tried to scream but there was a gag tied over her mouth and at one point he liked to try chocking her as this was going on.She blacked out that night and things must have gone too wrong because when she woke up, she was in the hospital. Her husband convinced the doctors she had tried to kill herself by hanging over the fact she hasn't been able to get pregnant. So Jazmin ended up on counseling where she figured out how to tell these people what they wanted but getting better meant going home,

After five years of marriage hell, Jazmin had figured out how to make it work. She would make the most of the time while he was gone as she did not care what he was doing and who he was doing it with. As much as this life was bad the only worse would be coming home and worse was about to happen. One night the police showed up at her door to inform her that Harrison had been killed by a jealous husband of woman he was having an affair with. She was happy to have him out of her life but that meant she was about to be sent right back home to her father who would blame her somehow for Harrison's death.And now that's where she is , biding her time until she gets another envelope. Spending as much time away from her father as she could. Because as evil as Harrison was , at least with him there was a break from the beatings and yelling.


Mother: Callidora age 47
Father: Byronn age 50
Brothers:Byronn Jr age 29 and Alexander age 27 both married with kids.
Birthdate: August 9th
Bad Habits: Tends to obsess over things, mumbles under her breath.
Turn-Ons: Sense of humor, great smile, and a good looking backside.
Turn-Offs: Rude, bad hygiene, no sense of humor.
hair color preference: No Information
eye color preference: No Information
draft position: Against
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

Nothing I can think of just yet

Player Notes

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