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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Maggie Shaw
Played by  Ashley Allison  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ Spencer Westbrook
Play-by ➢ Sophie Turner
 ➢ Not Sharing Play-by
 ➢PM me
18 - Red Green


All of her life Maggie has grown up in a big, close knit family in which she has been told all of her life “Family is everything”. That being said, to her family is everything. For most of her life she has had this idealistic view that her family is always right and wants what’s best for her. She’s extremely loyal to them and would do anything for them. She’s been known to stick up for them or take their side even when she’s questioned what they were doing or saying. Or even when she flat out knew that they were wrong. Because family sticks together and you defend your family until your dying breath.

Maggie very kind hearted and compassionate, when you’re a part of her inner circle she will take you under her wing and care for you in your time of need even if it would put her out for doing so. She’s been told (mostly by family) that she has a smile that could light up even the darkest of days. At family functions she’s typically the one who is given the smaller children to take care of because she has a motherly and nurturing air about her that makes her great around children. She’s also the first to come and bring you some soup if you were to ever feel under the weather. She’d give you the cloths off her back if she could. Because of these qualities, she’s also quite the charmer which makes most people she she meets enjoy being around her almost instantly. Her goal when meeting new people is for them to feel as if she’s an old friend.

Because her family has typically made a lot of her big decision for her, she has a hard time making her own. Recently she’s been trying her hand at making her own decisions which got her caught up in the wrong crowd of friends. She’s been a bit rebellious and what some might call a typical teenager and gotten herself in a bit of trouble. But the strange thing is… She likes the way that it makes her feel and she’s starting to question whether or not her family actually does know what’s best for her


Standing 5'9'' Maggie has a very slim build. She's one of those annoying people who no matter what she eats or does she always stay's very slim. Though recently she's gotten into yoga because she found out that it not only keeps you relaxed but it also can tone your body which is something she's always felt like she was missing.

She was naturally born with red hair which is usually straight or braided unless she feels like she needs to put in a little extra effort to make it look curly. She has very vibrant green eyes. Has smooth porcelain skin, doesn't really require a lot of makeup but does wear the bare necessities such as lipstick/gloss (usually red or a rosy nude pink depending on her mood or look), a little eye shadow and some eyeliner and mascara.


If there’s one thing that Maggie know’s is that the Shaw family and the Westbrook family have never gotten along.This wasn’t always the case however, before this feud the families lived together Ashpoint harmoniously. Both families were friends and heavily involved in the beginnings of The Trust Ruled America era.The feud started back in the 2100’s shortly after the formation of The Trust Ruled America over something completely trivial and has escalated ever since with each of the families pushing and pulling to gain the upper hand in the fundamental years of building the world we all live in.

There has been some speculation as to how the freud really started and who actually started the feud to begin with. The story has been handed down from generation to generation like family heirloom to the Shaw men, to honor and protect so that they may carry on a continued hatred for the Westbrooks for years to come. Like any good story, it has been exaggerated, watered down, added to and rearranged so many times that in current day there’s no real way to measure the validity of the tale.

If you ask the Shaw’s it came to a boiling point when “Cousin Jimmy” was shot dead by “Bobby Westbrook” in 2110 when he was walking out to get his paper one sunday morning. Of course Jimmy had been an esteemed saint of the Shaw family, an upstanding Trust Citizen with no flaw in his moral character. And of course Bobby Westbrook was a criminal looking for someone to enact his malicious urges on. The power hungry Westbrook family then, when on to smear The Shaw good name and have the audacity to say that Jimmy had been sleeping with Bobby’s wife, fathered their son and was blackmailing him to keep the story quiet.

Let it be known that the Shaw family did not roll over and just allow this travesty to happen to their family. While there were some hotheaded members of the Shaw families who had little plans of attack which fueled the flames of through feud to keep it alive. Others were smart, calm and calculated about it and eventually enacted what they thought would be a fatal blow to the Westbrook family. In 2115 they were very forthcoming with information with the authorities that one one Bernard Westbrook who had been Mayor of Ashpoint at the time watched child pornography on his computer in City Hall.However they buried evidence, bribed public officials and also failed to mention that one Finnigan Shaw the then youngest son of Killian Shaw had been an intern for Bernard Westbrook at the time and had conveniently planted the evidence on his computer every day since the beginning of his employment there. No matter how hard or how many times Bernard Westbrook or his family members tried to plead his innocence, between all of the officials that Shaw’s had paid and the compelling evidence that was found in his office. Bernard Westbrook was executed for his “crimes”.

After this point in the feud blew up and became so bad that the Shaw family eventually had to leave Ashpoint in the and relocate to Tidewater.While they made name for themselves in Tidewater and eventually made their way into the upper echelon of this community they never forgot their blood feud with the Westbrook family or forgave them for being run out of their hometown.
While these stories and this blood feud has been passed down from generation to generation. It was mostly drilled into the male descendants heads since they be carrying on the family name. The girls heard the stories, and were cautioned to stay away from any mention of Westbrook men or women. So much so that when the Ashpoint families started moving to Tidewater, the Shaw’s were one of the most outspoken families against accepting them and making accommodations for them. Maggie however the youngest female descendant of the current Shaw generation never put much stock into these stories. She found them to be a bit over exaggerated and the fact that she had only ever heard the glory points about how the Shaw’s were amazing and did nothing wrong ever just never sat well with her. However, she was raised to believe that her family’s word is law and you believe and stick by your family no matter whether you believe they are right or wrong.

Maggie’s parents, Ezekiel Shaw and Arabella Sullivan were married on a cold winter day in December. Maybe if was the chill of the day they were married or just how incompatible the two of them were but the beginning years of their marriage were pretty frosty to say the least. Ezekiel had high expectations for his wife and expected her to be the perfect Trust wife and Arabella was anything but perfect. Luckily two years into their marriage Arabella was able to give Ezekiel the son that he wanted which he named after himself and this took the pressure of their marriage substantially.

Eventually they came to have a mutual respect for each other and as that respect grew it blossomed into love. They tried for years to have another child on their own but without any success. Arabella eventually convinced her husband after years of begging that they should see a fertility doctor and after many tries, failed attempts, miscarriages, giving up and then promising to try just one more time about 16 years later Atlas was born. It was a happy day in Ezekiel’s life when his second son was born. He couldn’t imagine being any happier. Then by some happy accident 3 years later his daughter was born and he discovered that he has never been more in love with anything in his entire life

You’d be hardpressed to find a child who grew up happier than Margaret Elizabeth Shaw. The only girl, apple of her father’s eye Maggie wanted for nothing. Her father doted on her and to say that for the better part of her life she had the man wrapped around her little finger would probably be an understatement. Ezekiel Sr. was by no means a very affectionate any other member of his family, he even sometimes came off as strict or cold due to his high expectation. With his only daughter he was a completely different human being. However one should note that even though he doted on her with love, affection and gifts he never spoiled her.

Due to the age difference Maggie was never very close with her older brother Ezekiel while she knows him, and loves him like the older brother he is. She looks at him as more of a protector than a friend. By the time she was born he was already almost out of the house. However Maggie is extremely close with Atlas who she did grow up with for the most part. As much as Ezekiel loves his daughter, he loves eldest son as well. He is almost exactly like him and them model of perfection. So much so that no matter Atlas tried he could never quite match up to the perfection of his eldest brother or the joy of his baby sister causing him to be known as the family screw up.

Though her father was never as hard on her as he was on Atlas, Maggie still felt very pressured to live up to her older brother Ezekiel. He was very much the ruler for what both she and Atlas were measured by when it came to schooling and socially. Maggie managed to hold her own however, doing both well socially and Academically in school. Her natural aptitude for learning helped her do well and her charming personality made her quite popular. All and all she managed to school a prestigious 99% on her exit exam and while everyone in her family was trilled she was very hard on herself because she wanted to score 100%.

After the “the disaster”, when everyone got their chips and when everyone started getting chipped and the Ashpoint people started to move in her older brother Atlas went a little off the rails and started getting into more trouble than he used to. Her father was more on edge than normal, and when he found out that Maggie was going to be drafted to a “filthy, no good, scum sucking Westbrook” she was very surprised that her father didn’t have a heart attack.

Seeing this rebellious spark in her brother ignited something in Maggie as well. She realized that her whole life she’d been doing everything to please her father and she didn’t know who SHE actually was. Maggie went through a rebellious streak of her own, she started going to parties with Atlas.

About a two weeks away from her 18th birthday, Maggie went to a party with Atlas as per usual. The only difference this time was that Maggie was convinced by her friend Beth that they should leave that party and go to another one. Beth said that her parents weren't home and they had a lot of syn left over from a family function that their parents wouldn’t miss. Jumping at the chance to get some more syn Maggie left the party to go with her friends, and a neighbor ended up calling the police with a noise complaint because they knew that Beth’s parents were out of town. As the police swarmed the house, Maggie wasn’t fast enough to get out and she ended up getting arrested for drinking syn underage.

She ended up having to do 2 months of correctional classes ontop of her parents having to pay a pretty hefty fine. Maggie has never seen her father so furious. Because of this, recently Maggie’s relationship with her father has been quite strained. She knows that he is very disappointed in her but she doesn’t regret her actions. Maggie has also never once alluded to her brother Atlas ever taking her to parties either because she’s afraid of what her father might do to him if he found out.


Blood Relations:

Ezekiel Shaw Sr - Father
Arabella Sullivan - Mother

Ezekiel Shaw III. - brother - 30’s
(family history open)

Atlas Shaw - 22 - brother

Vivienne Shaw - Aunt
(family history open)

Amelia Shaw - Aunt
(family history open)

Darius Sullivan - Uncle (Mother’s side)
Aubrey Dubois - Aunt

Wesley Sullivan - 23 - Cousin through Marriage
Sarah LaCroix - 23 - Cousin-in-law

Willamina Sullivan - 23 - Cousin through Marriage
Gabriel Donovan
Nora Sullivan - Aunt - Mother’s side

Alaric Donovan - 25 - cousin
Sarah Michaels - 22
Thomas Donovan -

Alexi Donovan - 24 - cousin

Asher Donovan - 22 - cousin

Indirectly related through marriage:

Alexander Dubois
Sofia Beniot- Aunt

Astrid Dubois
Ezra Davis
Birthdate: February 21st
Bad Habits: Maggie has recently gotten into vaping/smoking herbal cigarettes, she can sometimes be extremely scarcastic
Turn-Ons: Being as Maggie has never been drafted before and has no sexual experience what so ever she is unsure of what she really likes. But she imagines that she likes: kind men, semi rough sex, biting, light hair pulling, surprise sex, being sung to, massages, doting on her.
Turn-Offs: men who act like pussies, men who want her constantly be on top, men who cant think for themselves, men who think they control everything about her.
hair color preference: -
eye color preference: -
draft position: Neutral
premarriage y/n: Yes, another member and I are making these together

Hard Limits

Classy, not trashy.

Player Notes

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