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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Wyatt Mullaney
Played by  zaheerah  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ Drusilla Lynch
Play-by ➢ Shemar Moore
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41 Cook/Owner of Pub shaved head brown


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At Mullaney get togethers - Wyatt sticks out. Dark skinned, dark eyed, no hair - it’s a mismatch certainly. Luckily, he has their height. He works out to keep fit, and running after all the children counts as extra exercise.


Wyatt was born to Sheila and Terry Summers. They had a happy life, with nothing really to note about it. When Wyatt was 3, his parents were killed in a car crash, and he went to live with his Uncle, Sam. Sam had a big house full of children and Wyatt fit right in. Again, it was a happy life until Sam died, and all the kids were shipped off to the orphanage.

When Wyatt was 8, Ed and Tara Mullaney adopted him, and gave him a brand new family to fit into. It rattled him a bit that he was so different from his ‘parents’ , but they were so kind and so nice to him that eventually, it simply didn’t matter and he became their son. While Wyatt remembered his family from before, he felt like the Mullaney’s were home.

There was some jealousy when Wallace was born. Wyatt had been so used to getting all of Ed and Tara’s attention, and now he had to share. There was also a part of him that was terrified they would get rid of him, now that they had a baby of their own to care for. But Ed pulled him aside and reassured him that he was their son, and that nothing on this earth would change that. Ed told Wyatt that he had extra responsibilities now, that he had to help take care of Wallace and watch over him to make sure that he grew up into a good man.

This little speech made Wyatt proud, and he worked hard to live up to the vision Ed had planted. He helped Tara take care of the baby, and when Wallace was old enough, played with him and helped him with schoolwork.

Wyatt’s schooling was nothing remarkable, and he tested into the culinary field. He’d always enjoyed mucking about in the kitchen with Tara, trying new things and exploring tastes and spices, so this wasn’t a surprising result. With his father’s help, he also applied to the government for the access to get a business degree, since he would be taking over his father’s pub some day.

His sponsorship was eagerly taken advantage of, and Wyatt sampled here and there without ever picking a favorite. He found that he liked tall women, and women who were witty and active participants.

He was drafted at 20, to Anna. Anna was a sweet girl of 22, on her second draft, and only a few inches shorter than Wyatt. They quickly popped out their requisite three children, spacing them out as carefully as they could. They got on pretty well, with the occasional fights about money or attention or the children sidelining their relationship every now and again. With Wyatt in school, money was continually tight, and even after he’d gotten a job in his field at a local restaurant, with three kids, there’s never enough money to go around. Anna died when Wyatt was 26, some sort of freak accident. He never really asked many questions, he was to busy trying to console the children.

At 28, came Michelle. She was just 18, shy, and a bit overwhelmed by everything that was going on in the Mullaney household. Michelle had always known she couldn’t have children, due to a rare form of cancer that she’d had as a child. It didn’t take her long to convince Wyatt to adopt, and they found a girl and a boy, both just happened to be the same age, although they were unrelated, and thus, Vance and Vanessa came into their lives.

This family of seven rocked along happily with the normal squabbles for a few years. Then Michelle developed cancer again. It was hard on everyone, and when she passed away, the whole family plunged into a depression that took them a while to get out of. In the meantime, Wyatt hired a live in and put the children into therapy. This much loss couldn’t be good for them, and he knew it wasn’t good for him.

A bare eight months later, just after he’d turned 32, came wife #3. Elizabeth was everything Anna and Michelle were not. His age, her third draft, brash and loud and quick tempered. She gave him time to grieve, gave the children time to mourn, but slowly won over the entire family with her loving ways. This period of time was the most exciting in Wyatt’s life, because Elizabeth forced him to do things that were out of his comfort zone, and she pushed him to excel in whatever he was doing. They had some pretty epic fights, but always came together in the end to work it out. When they had children, Elizabeth was overjoyed. Even with her age, the pregnancies went smoothly, and when Victoria was born, Wyatt swore he was done with children.

The move to Tidewater was difficult. The children had all new things to adjust to, and the entire family had to settle into life in a new town. Elizabeth, at six months pregnant, directed the entire operation while Wyatt worked with his father and brother to reopen the pub that they’d had in Ashpoint. It took a lot of time away from Elizabeth and the kids, but they understood, and as frequently as possible came to spend time with him at the place.

Elizabeth went in for the routine sterilization procedure when Victoria was six weeks old, and never came back. Something had gone wrong, and she died on the table. Once again, Wyatt is left wondering why everything in his life seems to go right, except his ability to hold onto a wife.

Everyone is back in therapy as they work through the devastation of losing yet another woman in their life. Wyatt is in double, since he lost his father as well. It was a harsh blow, and one that brought Wallace to live with them in the crazy household before he was drafted.

All except the youngest children were chipped in the move, and Wyatt accepted his chip without complaint.

Wife #4 was a young girl, with a lot of trauma in her past. Peggy and Wyatt were almost constantly at loggerheads about something and it drove a wedge between them that never got any better. Peggy's mother died, and after they attended the funeral, Peggy disappeared. Wyatt has no idea what happened to her. (She was out walking and got bit by a poisonous snake and died.) All he knows is that the police came and told him she'd died.

Wyatt hopes he gets something of a reprieve before wife #5 comes along. The only thing he’s certain of is that there won’t be any more kids. There were plenty of them running around the house already.


Wallace Mullaney - brother

Valerie Mullaney - 20 - drafted
Victor Mullaney - 18
Valencia Mullaney - 16

Vance Mullaney -11
Vanessa Mullaney - 11

Veronica Mullaney - 6
Vesta Mullaney - 3
Victoria Mullaney - 6 months
Birthdate: Aug 29
Bad Habits: bites nails, reads cookbooks
Turn-Ons: the usual things, kissing, taking good care of kids
Turn-Offs: anal, any sort of food play
hair color preference: any
eye color preference: any
draft position: For
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

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Player Notes

TIMEZONE: central
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